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6 advantages of being a mother at 35 years old

Being a mother at 35 is not easy. Over time, society has built stigmas around late mothers, such as “having less energy”, being “moms grandmothers” or “tired moms”.

Even, a few years ago it was considered risky to be a mother after 30 . The reason was due to the negative associations between the child’s age and health at the time of birth, but not in later stages.

Being a mother at 35: an increasing trend

Late-age motherhood is a demographic phenomenon that increases in industrialized countries . This trend responds to as increased effectiveness in contraception, gender equity and increased education for women.

Being a mother at age 35 is related to economic aspects . For example, greater inclusion in the labor market for women, economic certainty, among other reasons.

According to the numbers published by the National Institute of Statistics ( maternity in Spain was delayed a little more than the previous year reaching the age of 32.5 years as average to conceive a child.

So, does it have advantages to be a mother at 35?

What do recent research say?

6 advantages of being a mother at 35 years old

Some the safest age to have children continues being from 20 to 35 years old . However, less than a year ago, the International Journal of Epidemiology published the results of research conducted on women over 35 and their children.

The results were amazing. It was found that children whose mothers were between 35 and 39 years of age achieved significant scores on verbal cognitive ability tests. In fact, they obtained better grades than the children of younger mothers.

But, why were the results different in previous decades? The differences depended on some factors, such as:

  • The children evaluated were the last children . This condition implied for the children to receive less attention and care.
  • Economic condition Families with the largest number of children used to have less income and opportunities. For this reason, they did not have access to good nutrition and health services. As a result, deficiencies negatively affected their development.

Therefore, if you approach the 35 and are contemplating the idea of ​​being a mother, we recommend you read the following reasons so that you have more confidence and information so that you can make a good decision.

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What are the advantages of being a mother at 35?

1. Facing motherhood with greater maturity

This point does not mean that younger mothers can not play their role with prudence. However, at 35 years old, women are much more aware of the risks of pregnancy . They try to take better care of themselves and, above all, contemplate and plan for possible changes in their lives.

2. Greater economic stability

6 advantages of being a mother at 35 years old

Generally, at age 35, there is greater academic and professional support, which generates a consolidated economy . As a result, parents can give their children more time and attention.

3. More experience

On the subject of motherhood, experience is never enough. Qualities such as understanding, empathy, patience, among others, allow us to deal positively with the challenges of motherhood .

In addition, the journey that has been made throughout life with experiences of different classes helps to be a good example for children.

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4. Emotional stability

6 advantages of being a mother at 35 years old

Over the years we have a better knowledge of ourselves, work that is difficult during the flower of youth . We learn to make decisions, to accept our mistakes, to be resilient and to develop more stable relationships.

These bases enrich education and the relationship with children . In fact, they provide greater emotional stability. This environment will provide a healthier psychological environment, greater security and a good example for children.

5. Increase life expectancy.

women who give birth after age 33 are twice as likely to live longer than those who had their last child at age 29 . That is to say, there will be greater possibility of enjoying the children, although the popular voice says otherwise.

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6. Healthier lifestyle

6 advantages of being a mother at 35 years old

It is very probable that people with ages over 30 years understand better the needs of their body. In other words, it is safer to pay attention to your health . This includes healthy eating and exercise habits.

You will not need to change your habits too much as soon as you decide to have a baby , because you already have a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


In summary, the quality of life of the mother and the number of children she has directly influences the development of the children .

How about? Definitely, being a mother at 35 has many advantages. However, it should not be forgotten that we suggest you discuss this topic with a specialist so that you can inform yourself in a personalized way .

6 advantages of being a mother at 35 years old