Sex is a physical activity that allows you to increase the burning of calories. While it is not as such a method to lose weight, doing so can help supplement the effects of diet and exercise.

During their practice, metabolism is activated, energy expenditure increases and important muscle groups are worked; Therefore, it is ideal to improve the figure and have a better physical condition.

Although in any of its forms provides important benefits, it is good to take into account certain positions that, due to their requirement, help achieve a higher .

In this opportunity we want to share in detail the 6 best so you do not stop sharing them with your partner. Discover them!

1. Spider

6 best sexual positions to lose weight

One of the most complete positions to lose weight while we practice sex is the spider. In this the muscles of the pelvic area, the abdominals and the back are worked.

At the beginning it is a bit difficult to maintain it, because it requires physical resistance. However, it allows you to enjoy a unique and pleasurable experience.

How to do it?

  • Both should sit on the bed with their legs found, each supporting their weight with their arms.
  • The woman raises her hip a little to bring it closer to the man’s groin and swings.
  • The two can move back and forth to achieve different levels of penetration.

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2. Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is a difficult and little used position, since both must have enough physical resistance. However, if the goal is to , it is one of the most recommended.

  • In this position both men and women have a significant energy expenditure. She performs a job similar to push-ups, which allows her to work arms and chest.
  • He, on the other hand, makes an important effort to support her buttocks and, due to the movement, works the gluteal muscles.

How to do it?

  • The woman should lean towards the ground, holding her body with her hands.
  • The man stands and grabs her by the legs or waist while penetrating her from behind.

3. Lotus flower

6 best sexual positions to lose weight

This well-known position of the implies highly demanding body movements, especially in the buttock area.

The posture allows to have a complete visual contact, being both in front and embraced. However, if the man wishes, he can support himself with his hands to work the biceps and triceps.

How to do it?

  • The man should sit following the posture of the yoga lotus flower.
  • Once she is comfortable, she sits on top of him, surrounding him with her legs around her body.
  • Subsequently, it balances at the pace you want, controlling the penetrations according to your preferences.

4. Screw

Another interesting position that shows the kamasutra is . It is very beneficial for abdominal work, the muscles of the waist and buttocks.

How to do it?

  • The woman lies on the edge of the bed or a firm surface, and places the legs flexed to one side of the body.
  • The man penetrates her kneeling in front of her and carries the rhythm.

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5. Bridge

6 best sexual positions to lose weight

It is not a position for anyone. It is important to be in shape, since it requires a lot of and flexibility. Trying to do it with little force can cause injuries.

With this, she will be able to work the glutes, the inner side of the thighs and the abdominals . It is likely to take a short time, as it tires too much.

How to do it?

  • The woman leans on the bed or floor with her hands or forearms and raises her pelvis.
  • With his legs he surrounds the man’s hips while he performs the penetration.
  • It is important to focus strength on the buttocks and abdomen to keep balance.
  • A good way to start is by raising the area with the help of some cushions.

6. Submitted

This position is ideal for those who wish to have control. It allows toning the glutes and hips, since it involves a squatting movement, similar to

How to do it?

  • The man should lie on the bed with his legs together.
  • She gets on top of him, turning her back on him, and starts to move on her haunches, controlling the penetration.
  • You can also put your legs back to achieve better stability.

Do you dare to burn calories with these sexual postures? Put them into practice with your partner and check your benefits for yourself.

6 best sexual positions to lose weight


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