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6 curious ways to recycle clothes pins

You probably have many clothespins at home that you no longer use or that because of their condition are no longer used to hang clothes because they do not latch well. If you do not want to throw them away, we propose a craft that you can do with them.

The imagination is a magnificent creator of ideas that, carried out with cunning, can lead to wonderful, useful and effective things. You can give your clothes pins a second chance with the ideas we propose below.

Transform your clothes pins into original items

Converting everyday objects into ingenious, useful and attractive items has become an art. In this case we want to tell you what you can do with clothespins or clips, whether wood or plastic, although it is preferable to use those that are made of wood because they allow you to mold them and paint them better.

We leave you a series of ideas so that you can carry them out easily, with everyday elements and basic materials.

Decoration kit:

6 curious ways to recycle clothes pins

Candle holder with clothes pins

If you like to give a personal touch to your home with different points of light, we advise you to make these beautiful candle holders . It is a very simple and economic idea that will give a very decorative touch to every corner of your house.


  • Clothes clips or clasps
  • Contact glue
  • Tea candles or small
  • Canned food or glass jars


The materials you need are very economical and safe for children and adults to use. They do not cause damage and, therefore, this craft can become a playful activity to perform as a family .

  • Clean the selected jars , keep in mind that they have to fit inside the candles you want.
  • I impregnate the surface of the jar with contact glue and place the clothespins or clothes pins vertically.
  • Apply pressure so that they hold well and do not move.
  • The amount of clips you will need will always depend on the size of the bottle.
  • Once you have placed all of them, let them dry and make sure they are all well fixed.

You already have the candle holder made, now you just need to give it your personal touch: you can paint it with colors or put stickers with decorative motifs.

Place the candle inside and light the wick to create the desirable romantic mood . You can also do this craft to make pots and put your plants in them.

5 curious ways to transform your clothes pins

Then we tell you what other things you can do from the clothespins:

Lamps made with tweezers

They can be made in a simple way by attaching the clips with the help of a silicone gun. What you need is a lamp that you want to modify that has a strong enough fabric or a surface apt to withstand the heat of the glue.

Go overlapping the clothespins and then decorate to your liking.

Toys for children

Nothing like making your own toys with recycled materials with your children. You can make figures of animals or planes to play with them.

Decorate a mirror

If you have an old mirror that has gone out of fashion but you do not want to get rid of it, you can apply different types of clips on the sides. Play with the shapes and distribute the pieces geometrically to create a nice and symmetrical effect.

6 curious ways to recycle clothes pins

Magnets for the fridge

Nothing so simple as making small magnets for the refrigerator to hold your notes or drawings. You can hook everything you do not want to forget with them and avoid being confused.

Decorate a photo frame

Give a different touch to your photos by modifying the photo frames and adding clothespins or clothes clips to the sides. A simple idea that you can do in an afternoon.

These are some ideas that we provide to know what to do with the old tweezers that we use to hang our clothes . It is an economic object that can have many alternative uses.

Let your imagination fly and tell us what you would do with them.

6 curious ways to recycle clothes pins