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6 differences between love and custom

Sharing for so long with a partner involves facing innumerable challenges that, in some cases, are not overcome in the best way. This can give way to monotony and cause us to begin to question ourselves as to whether what we feel is love or habit. And there are differences between love and custom.

In this stage of the couple’s relationship, it is common that the magic and the illusion that they felt at the beginning disappear little by little. Thus, it may be that one of the two, or even both, begins to be with the other person out of habit.

Differences between love and custom

Here are some questions that will help you differentiate if you are with your partner for love or habit.

1. Does everything you do bother you?

6 differences between love and custom

One of the strategies to know if it is love or custom what we feel is to ask ourselves the following: Why now bother me so many things that at first did not give importance? If you make noises when eating, if you forget to buy something, or even, if you do not wear that shirt that you like so much.

That is, if anything you do or do not do bothers you, you should rethink if you want to continue with that person . This is the best you can do, because if you do not do it, you will live in constant displeasure. Simply, you will remain with your partner just out of habit.

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2. Are you not sure of planning things with your partner?

You want to take a trip in a couple of months, but you wonder if you really want to go with your partner or start to make any excuse for the plan not to happen. If this happens to you or similar situations, something is not right in your relationship .

This lack of commitment to your relationship and insecurity is just another sign that you are out of habit with your partner and not out of love. That maybe that person has stopped being your ideal partner .

3. Are your “I love you” automatic?

6 differences between love and custom

Saying “I love you” is a very special act, and when you really feel it, it becomes twice as special. However, it is a phrase that loses its true meaning when you say it without desire or commitment, because you are not feeling it as you did before.

If you repeat it automatically so that the other person does not feel bad, something is not right in your relationship. Or, if you feel worried and fear that the absence of the sentence is a reason to encourage an argument, definitely, you may no longer feel love but custom.

4. Lack of sex?

Intimacy is very important for any couple. When sexual relations improve with the passing of time, it is because both have built very strong bonds.

On the contrary, if you make love infrequently or you feel that you are sexually with your partner for commitment or obligation, chances are that you are no longer with that person out of love but out of habit.

5. Do not you surprise your partner anymore?

6 differences between love and custom

The details make the difference. They are small things that make life more beautiful. And if it’s a couple, much more . There are endless things you can do to surprise that special person: a homemade dinner, an unexpected “I love you”, a motivating message or a romantic outing.

However, when your partner does not have even the smallest detail or you do not even tell you how good it looks, they are probably together by habit and not love.

6. Does it no longer cause you to talk with your partner?

A bad or little communication is another of the six differences between love and custom that you should evaluate in your relationship. And it is that a good communication is the base of all sentimental relation , of that balance that we aspire to experience with a couple. Without a doubt, two people who really love each other overcome communication barriers.

When you keep your problems and does not cause you to talk about your plans with your partner, it is because something is not right in your relationship. In this case, you may no longer feel the same confidence as when your love story began.

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Do you identify with any of these 6 differences between love and custom? It is important that you know these differences , because if your relationship begins to present these symptoms, it is likely that something is not right. However, if you feel that you still love your partner, simply look for a solution.

Once they are aware that something is happening to them as a couple, it is much easier to attack and overcome the problem. In the case that both want to really save the relationship, they must put all their effort to recover that magic they had at the beginning of the relationship .

6 differences between love and custom