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6 disadvantages that extreme diets bring

Extreme diets have become popular around the world as a “fast” way to lose weight in a few days. They are restrictive eating plans that abruptly decrease the total daily calories, bypassing the nutritional needs of the body.

The results they provide are almost “miraculous” and that is why many people make the decision to adopt them. The drawback is that they are regimes that force the body to go beyond its capabilities , causing a series of unwanted reactions.

In addition, most of these plans produce the well-known rebound effect, which is why many fail to try to quickly and unsafe.

What are the dangers of extreme diets? Although many prefer to ignore it, this variety of food programs have disadvantages that put health at risk in many aspects. Discover them!

Disadvantages of extreme diets that everyone should know

Most people who are interested in an extreme diet are those who have gained weight due to excesses in their diet. In the eagerness to recover their figure, they opt for those plans that promise results in days or weeks.

This does not mean that all diets are bad. However, if weight loss is involved, it is best to choose those options that propose a balanced diet with all the nutrients.

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When these characteristics are not met, the weight loss can be related to poor nutrition or diseases. Therefore, although they allow to lose weight, they are diets that no expert in nutrition recommends. Let’s see some of its disadvantages:

1. They can produce hypoglycemia

6 disadvantages that extreme diets bring

People who follow a diet that endures hunger are likely to suffer an episode of hypoglycemia. Either because they deprive themselves of a meal, or because they substitute it with a simple one, the body tends to have this type of decompensation.

In addition, the cells do not obtain the “fuel” they require to work in optimal conditions, which triggers states of fatigue and weakness.

2. Increase cholesterol levels

When extreme diets are based on the consumption of meats and proteins, there are high chances of having problems with high blood cholesterol . Because of this, many patients end up with problems.

While the body has the ability to digest proteins, an excessive amount can overload its functions . As a consequence, blood lipids rise and the risk of serious cardiovascular diseases increases.

3. Cause digestive problems

While some extreme diets lead to developing constipation and problems in the colon, others produce episodes of diarrhea and dehydration. First of all the diet may lack dietary fiber, a key nutrient for digestion.

6 disadvantages that extreme diets bring

On the other hand, when you have excess fiber and water, such as diets based on many , they can cause abdominal cramps and watery and soft stools.

4. Produce rebound effect

The body responds to all types of restrictive feeding and, therefore, it is normal to lose weight. But once regular eating habits are restored, the body reacts to the change and the popular occurs.

As a result, the feeling of anxiety about food increases and the tendency to accumulate fat in various parts of the body. For this reason, many recover the lost weight in a short time.

5. Affect the immune system

A sudden change in diet and restriction of some essential nutrients can significantly affect immune health. Often, those who undergo extreme diets are more prone to infections and diseases.

6 disadvantages that extreme diets bring

When the body is not physically prepared, it depletes its natural antibiotics to replace the minerals it is not receiving. Due to this the defenses are weakened and the antigens manage to affect the tissues without difficulties.

6. Produce metabolic uncontrolles

The extreme diets that propose to eliminate completely any group of nutrients can trigger metabolic decontrol. By limiting, for example, carbohydrates and fats, the activity of the metabolism is undergoing a change.

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Consequently, many functions of the vital organs are altered and symptoms and conditions are produced that can affect the quality of life when they are not controlled in time. Some of these include:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Liver diseases

Are you interested in losing weight without exposing your health? Instead of adopting extreme diets, choose a complete meal plan that suits your needs . Although the results take a little longer, they are safer and more permanent.

6 disadvantages that extreme diets bring