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6 foods that you should not consume in your breakfast

In recent years, breakfast has positioned itself as the most important food.

And it is that not only gives us the energy that the body needs to face a new day: the nutrients it provides activate the metabolism and are key to many other processes.

Although many came to think that ignoring it was an effective way to “save calories”, today that belief is disproved and points out that, in reality, it can have an opposite effect on .

The problem is that, although many have begun to take it every morning, some are making food choices that are far from healthy.

As a consequence, unwanted reactions are triggered, such as anxiety to eat, overweight and nutritional deficiencies.

To avoid this, below we want to mention in detail 6 foods that should not be eaten as part of this first meal .

Discover them!

1. Industrial bakery

6 foods that you should not consume in your breakfast

Industrial bakery products have high contents of carbohydrates, saturated fats and sugars that can fall very heavy in the stomach.

This, added to their contribution of , are sufficient reasons to avoid them at breakfast.

What are “empty calories”? they are those that do not provide relevant nutritional values, but they are a significant caloric source.


  • Opt for homemade biscuits and bakery products.
  • These allow to use organic ingredients, free of artificial additives and with more fiber content, vitamins and minerals.

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2. Embossed meats

All varieties of sausage meats, including those that claim to be “dietary”, are detrimental to health and should not be included in the diet.

Although they look fresh and appetizing, ideal for a quick breakfast, their high content of sodium and saturated fats can, over time, influence problems of overweight, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

On the other hand, they weigh heavily on the digestive system and can trigger , flatulence and acid reflux.


  • Opt for lean meats or eggs as sources of protein for breakfast.

3. Cereals with sugar

6 foods that you should not consume in your breakfast

The industry has been in charge of selling the ideal cereal is the ideal breakfast. However, although some varieties rich in fiber are healthy, most are sugary presentations that do not provide benefits.

These are part of the group of foods with “empty calories” that, as we explained, lack essential nutrients.

In addition to this, its high content of sugar and artificial colors can lead to the development of metabolic disorders.


  • Eat oatmeal or whole grains as an alternative to box cereals.

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4. Packaged fruit juices

For more publicity that we see, we can not be fooled. can never replace what we get directly from fruits.

Although they seem a refreshing and delicious option for breakfast, this type of soft drinks, even those that claim to be “enriched with vitamins”, are full of sugar and artificial substances that are not good for the body.


  • Prepare 100% natural juices or smoothies, using fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Yogurt with artificial flavors

6 foods that you should not consume in your breakfast

Commercial yogurt, even the one on its label says it is “light”, contains added substances that affect its nutritional quality compared to 100% natural yogurt.

It is a product that is often included in the breakfast of the little ones. However, although they seem healthy, they are not as nutritious and their consumption can produce acidity.

Its intake, among other things, is discouraged because:


  • Ingest natural yogurt, rich in probiotics and free of dyes. It can be prepared at home, or purchased at the supermarket.

6. Packaged jams

Eating a little homemade jam is no problem at breakfast. The drawback is that many consume excessively and choosing those sold in supermarkets.

Despite being foods made with fruits, their high sugar content and artificial additives reduce their nutritional quality.


Do you usually prepare your breakfasts with the mentioned foods? Now that you know why it is a mistake, try to redesign it with more organic and nutrient-packed options.

6 foods that you should not consume in your breakfast