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6 recommendations to lose weight

Having the round face is not always as cute or adorable as it seems, especially if we have already exercised and lost weight in other parts of the body.

Exercise and good nutrition are the two pillars we must meet to lose weight.

Would you like to know how to achieve it? In this article we tell you.

Tips to lose weight

To lose weight you can go to the gym, ride a bike or do However, there does not seem to be a specific routine or academy for the face .

If you want to lose weight, pay attention to the following tips:

1. Eat fewer calories

To have a thinner face you should get rid of all those fatty, sugary or fried foods that we love so much but are so bad for our health.

The secret is to consume fewer calories than you burn with daily exercise.

Instead of fast food or unhealthy snacks, we recommend eating a diet high in fiber, because you can better metabolize calories and eliminate the accumulated fat on the chin or cheeks.

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2. Lose weight

6 recommendations to lose weight

If you have a round face, it is probably because your body is not at the ideal weight.

When you lose kilos in the other areas you will begin to notice the facial changes: the cheekbones will take shape and the chin will stop “showing off” that unsightly hanging skin .

Therefore, signing up at an academy or starting exercises at home is an excellent idea. You can not only tune the face, but also the abdomen,

You will see yourself much better and harmoniously!

3. Drink a lot of water

It is the best way to eliminate toxins and fats accumulated in the face. If you add to that a reduction in the consumption of salt (or foods that contain sodium), your body will only get rid of all the waste that does not work.

As if it were not enough, drinking water is recommended to have a healthier, younger and more beautiful skin.

Not only will the face be thinner, but also prettier. If you do not like water very much you can try natural juices and herbal teas (especially diuretics such as dandelion or horsetail).

4. Exercise

6 recommendations to lose weight

Physical activity is essential to . Maybe the face is not the first thing that thins while exercising , because before they burn calories and fat in other areas.

However, do not despair, as at some point the reduction of jowls or cheeks will begin.

In addition to a routine in the gym we recommend that you stay as active as possible even if you have a sedentary job.

How? Going to the office by bicycle, using the stairs instead of the elevator, do the shopping walking and not driving, getting up from the desk every hour, etc.

Hiking, biking or jogging in the park are excellent simple and smooth exercises to start with. Then you can add more difficulty to the routine or add more days of activity in the week.

5. Conceals the round face (meanwhile)

Until the changes in your diet and daily movements take effect, we advise you to resort to certain tricks of makeup and hairstyle so that your face looks more refined .

For example, do not overload blush your cheeks and do not use a

6. Get massaged

6 recommendations to lose weight

Who said that the face does not deserve a good massage session? You can be descontracturantes but also reducers. Start with gentle pinching along the entire line of the jaw (from the chin upwards to the ear lobes).

Then, make circular movements through the cheeks. Leave the mouth ajar and the jaw is loose so that the whole face exercises.

Another option is to massage the chin area (where fat and skin usually accumulate). Place some almond oil on the fingers so that the dermis is not irritated.

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Exercises to lose weight in the face

A facial routine does not require much effort and is an extremely fun activity. You can practice it at any time of the day and take the opportunity to laugh for a while in front of the mirror .

You will put aside stress, worries and problems! And, meanwhile … You’ll be doing exercises to sharpen the face.

6 recommendations to lose weight