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6 signs of alcohol addiction

Do you think that alcohol addiction is becoming present in your life? Sometimes, in the early stages, one may doubt about the possibilities of becoming an addict or not.

For these doubts to dissipate, we present 6 signs that indicate that you are close to suffering from an alcohol addiction .

Of many of them you will only be aware of yourself, so open your eyes! and do not deny what, perhaps, could become a problem over time.

Alcohol addiction and its signs

1. Drink before your time

6 signs of alcohol addiction

What do we mean by drinking ahead of time? Well, if, for example, you have stayed with some friends to watch a football game and you are going to enjoy some good beers during the same, you already start earlier with the alcohol intake.

Maybe you’ll have some shots of a drink you like, drink a cup or open a bottle of wine.

This is going to the consumer’s liking, the important thing is that you drink alcohol long before there is that social encounter with which you will justify the consumption of this substance.

2. You start to fix and reject non-alcoholic beverages

If you already have a problem with alcohol addiction, or you are just starting, you will be able to tell because you start laughing at those drinks with very low alcohol content and those without alcohol.

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Although you may think it is nonsense or something unimportant, in fact you do have it when this is a way of consuming drinks with many more degrees of alcohol, or taking more of those that have lower grades.

3. Drinking excessively fast

6 signs of alcohol addiction

It is true that in certain social contexts it is usual to drink a glass of wine, a shot of tequila, etc. However, this is done completely naturally and without anxiety .

However, if you are now susceptible to alcohol addiction, perhaps they told you that or you did not realize that you drink too fast, as if you were very thirsty.

In fact, it seems that socializing is not the important thing, but the fact of drinking .

4. Do you check the minibar?

If the first thing you do when entering a hotel room is not to look at the views , observe how the bathroom is or how comfortable the bed is, but you go straight to the minibar, then we are facing an incipient problem of alcohol addiction.

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You are in a completely new space with many things to explore before that small container of bottles and other foods.

Also, you must also think about the previous situation, before entering the room, are you already thinking and imagining about the minibar and its contents?

5. Do you control your alcohol reserves daily?

6 signs of alcohol addiction

If between your daily tasks, in addition to preparing food, cleaning the house and ordering certain spaces is to review your reservations of alcoholic beverages, beware!

This would not be a problem if it did not cause you anxiety and, even, make you lose concentration at certain moments of your life.

The fear of running out of these types of supplies can be a clear warning of alcohol addiction.

6. Search for friends who like to drink

6 signs of alcohol addiction

When we are already in a deeper alcohol addiction, then we begin not only to detract from those drinks with little or no alcohol, but also to people who do not like to drink.

Suddenly, we find ourselves looking for new friends who share this pleasure of ours and leave aside those who do not.

Although they are great friends, although we know them all their lives, our addiction can be much more than any relationship .

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Addiction to alcohol, like any other, already warns you that something is happening before you are submerged in it.

The problem is that their signals are sometimes so subtle that they go unnoticed .

When the addiction reaches too far, sometimes the desire to retreat is seen as almost impossible due to the power we have given to that addiction by not knowing how to stop his feet and allowing him to control us completely.

6 signs of alcohol addiction