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6 things you can do while you're pregnant

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing, even if you suffer from headaches, nausea and other discomforts . Everything has its magic! Here we present 6 things you can do while you are pregnant.

Many pregnant women worry a lot during the months of pregnancy and are reluctant to perform those activities they want. Worrying so much diminishes the enjoyment of this beautiful stage .

So the choice is yours, you can decide to complain for 9 months of your swollen feet, for example, or enjoy life and your pregnancy.

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What things can you do while you are pregnant?

1. Plan outings with your friends

6 things you can do while you're pregnant

The first of the 6 things you can do while you are pregnant is to go out with your friends. You can visit the friends you have not seen in a long time. Plan with them, go for an ice cream together, have a pleasant conversation.

Devoting leisure time with people who make you feel good is very healthy for you and your baby. Do not forget that the state of mind in which you find yourself influences the health of your child. Say goodbye to stress , negative things and things that only make you feel bad.

2. Think more about you

Another thing you can do while you’re pregnant is rest and pamper yourself . Also, you can take advantage to do those things that you had left aside for lack of time or for having prioritized others. You can read a book, go shopping or simply give yourself a day of spa.

It is very good that you care about others, however, take advantage of this stage to think a little more about yourself. Disconnect from everything and start enjoying, without thinking too much .

3. Spend a day in nature

6 things you can do while you're pregnant

Before pregnancy, we tend to be too busy doing a thousand things at the same time. Between work, home and social relationships, we forget to enjoy the most simple but beautiful things.

How about organizing a picnic in a park with your partner or your friends? Sharing in nature can be extremely relaxing and beneficial for you and your baby.

4. Have more sex

There are many women who are reluctant to have sex during their pregnancy. Sex has an important place in the list of the best things you can do while you are pregnant .

Free yourself from the fear of hurting your baby. The only reasons why you can not have sex during pregnancy are that your pregnancy is high risk or that your doctor has indicated it.

You can even innovate and have sex in rare places in the house, such as the kitchen, laundry room or furniture. Live new sexual experiences with your partner.

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5. Look beautiful and show off your belly

6 things you can do while you're pregnant

Do not become those women who during pregnancy totally neglect their appearance. Get ready, get pretty and proudly wear your beautiful belly.

Nausea, vomiting and swollen feet are not excuses for neglecting your appearance . If the clothes start to stay tight, go and buy a nice dress that fits you and your baby. Make up, comb your hair and wear your best attitude to show how good your beloved belly feels.

6. Have romantic dates with your partner

That these 9 months do not become the extinguisher of the flame of your love. Some couples make the mistake of letting romance die during the months of pregnancy.

Plan to see a show in the city with your partner . It can be a movie, a concert or a play; You will enjoy a different day and you will be able to share time alone with him.

How about going out to dinner instead of ordering take-out? Cooking at home like every day or ordering food to eat at home is not very romantic. Take advantage of the stage of pregnancy to go out to eat with your partner to those places you’ve always wanted to meet .


As you can see, there are many things you can do while you are pregnant. Not all of them involve going to prenatal care and complaining about the discomforts. So do not turn your pregnancy into something negative. Relax, take care of yourself, enjoy yourself and be filled with joy. Put these 6 things into practice that you can do while you are pregnant.

6 things you can do while you're pregnant