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6 values ​​that any happy family has

In the globalized world of today, where technology and social networks impose trends, education in values ​​has not gone out of fashion . Quite the opposite. The values ​​of a happy family are still the best way to build a better world.

Values ​​are those that mediate peaceful coexistence. Or so it should be. Educating children with the values ​​of a happy family can be the guarantee that the future needs to be less plagued by violence, fear and uncertainty.

What are the values ​​of a happy family?

The happy

1. Love

To begin with, the basis for harmonious coexistence, the sustenance that feeds the coexistence of other values, the reason why people come together and bring children to form a family, is love. Or so it should be.

It seems obvious to include love as the first of the values ​​of a happy family, but if it were so obvious there would not be so many divorces, and absent parents.

All members of the family need to understand that we must learn to love. Love is demanding, implies establishing limits and fulfilling them to grow and guarantee the happiness of the family. It is the main source of healing for all wounds.

6 values ​​that any happy family has

2. Respect

Love grows when there is respect for one’s own norms and the dignity of the family. It feeds the

To the extent that relationships are established that respect the needs, particularities and preferences of each member of the family -from the newborn, the baby, children, adolescents, parents and even grandparents-, the feelings that they unite the family.

In addition, respect includes recognizing and valuing the other’s way of thinking , even when it is opposite to one’s own. Respect within the family transcends and permeates everything that surrounds that family.

3. Empathy

In order to be able to respect the differences between the members of the family, it will often be necessary to put oneself in the place of the other. It is not always easy. On many occasions, it will be necessary to break down previously established patterns or prejudices or to heal the wounds that daily living can cause us.

6 values ​​that any happy family has

Empathy and love give strength to the family union. It supports the family in difficult situations, helps to solve crises and keep growing together.

While with empathy it is possible to recognize what affects the other, assess the efforts made, and applaud the achievement of goals no matter how small they may be. Empathy grows with generosity that provides affection, time to share and understanding .

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4. Honesty

The communication between the members of a family must be honest, without fears.

The honesty that prevails in the family will permeate the rest of the relationships that are established in life .

It is a primordial element of lasting relationships. When broken, the family union is put at risk. Honesty is irremediably linked to trust and transparency.

5. Autonomy

First we must recognize the differences between the members of the same family, respect their thoughts and preferences, the family supports the spiritual and autonomous growth of each of its members.

Parents are not there to curb the wings of the children, but to support their growth and strengthen their flight , to feed their self-esteem .

6 values ​​that any happy family has

The children recognize the efforts of the parents and support them. They grow and make their own decisions, from the autonomy that parents gave them. They are individuals capable of working as a team to achieve common welfare.

6. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an extraordinary way of expressing love. Throughout family life, there will be many times mistakes will be made. Accepting that a fault was committed, forgiving and correcting is part of the dynamic of the healthy and happy family .

With rigidity, negativity and pride forgiveness is not built. On the other hand, if love, honesty and empathy are combined, everything is possible.

Finding strength both to forgive and to ask for forgiveness when necessary will not be a titanic task, but a daily practice of the happy family.

6 values ​​that any happy family has