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6 ways to light up your garden at night

If you have a nice patio, surely you want to know how to enhance the decoration you have chosen for him. In that sense, the lights are almost everything. We tell you the best ways to light up your garden at night.

All your plants, the furniture and details that you include to decorate your garden will be widely favored with good lighting. Otherwise, the investments you make will be useless if what you choose can not become the center of the scene.

But not only illuminate your garden at night will serve to make it look more beautiful. It is also important that you do it for security reasons: on the one hand, you will avoid intrusions through dark corners; on the other hand, you will ensure that both children and adults can move without stumbling or falling.

If you follow these tips to illuminate the garden, summer nights will have another color when you decide to spend time at home.

6 ways to light up your garden at night

1.- Powerful lights

Traditional luminaires can be very convenient for large spaces. In these cases, it is better to install LED lamps; Besides being more powerful, they consume less energy and their useful life is greater.

You can use them in street lamps, in bulwark lights on walls and steps and also for the always luxurious garden floor lamps. With them you will ensure good general lighting and you will have guaranteed security in your yard.

Be careful: do not overdo the lighting. The human eye adapts its retinas to see at night, especially in open places. If you exaggerate with the power of the lights, you will achieve an effect totally opposite to the desired one.

6 ways to light up your garden at night

2.- Lights with solar power

Its main advantage, of course, is that they save energy and also free us from dealing with cables and plugs. These luminaries have solar panels that take energy from the sun’s rays, reserve it and use it to light up at night.

They are extremely useful, since they require almost no maintenance; except that they break or that dust accumulates on the panels. They are available in all presentations of conventional lamps: floor, stakes or wall, among others.

If you like to opt for ecological alternatives and you want to have a patio at the forefront of this, do not hesitate to install this type of lights to illuminate your garden at night.

3.- Lights on the walls

These project their illumination on the walls and are very effective to facilitate the orientation and delimit the structure of the spaces. If you have furniture or a pool in the garden, these will be great on the wall together.

Likewise, using green tones to illuminate plants and palms – specific, not all – is also very good. These lights are discrete; They will give you the possibility to take your eyes towards an object, corner or path without the need to have them directly pointed.

Not only serve to highlight these elements, but the wall itself will change its appearance in this way. The chosen color will not lose its beauty in the darkness of the night thanks to the placement of lights in them.

4.- Tortuguitas

These are widely used to highlight paths or to illuminate the plants. They are highly recommended to place under trees or alongside the pool .

As for color, it is always better to appeal to warm colors, which are those that highlight the qualities of nature.

It is better to reserve them for specific places and not scatter them throughout the patio. They are highly recommended for the steps and edges of swimming pools, for example. It is also nice to place them in a garden with stones or on the deck floors.

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5.- Luminous pots

Currently, they are used more and more. These are pots conventionally but with a dim light placed inside.

At night, these elements will shine – in every way – on their own. Not to mention, of course, if you put in it a beautiful plant that looks with the effect of lights.

6 ways to light up your garden at night

6.- Lights of kermesse

It consists of placing lamps hanging from ropes, as if they were garlands. It is another very fashionable style lately. Even in many food courts and bars we can appreciate this type of lighting.

They are very good for special occasions, as they provide a very good general lighting without sacrificing beauty and originality.

As you can see, there are many ways to illuminate the garden at night. Choose the appropriate one according to your space and budget and give your home another space to be proud of.

6 ways to light up your garden at night