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6 whole grains that should not be missing from your diet

The consumption of whole grains has skyrocketed in recent years, not only because they help to vary the dishes, but because they represent an important source of nutrients that benefit the body.

Although for many years there were myths about their consumption, today they are known to be fundamental in any healthy eating plan , since they are a significant source of fiber and complete carbohydrates.

Thanks to these qualities, it is one of the most valued energy ingredients , and, in fact, are considered essential for everything for purposes.

The most interesting thing is that there are many varieties and, because of their flavor, they can be included in the regular diet combined with other ingredients.

So you do not stop taking advantage of its benefits, in the next space we want to share 6 that you should not miss in your diet.

Try them!

1. Oatmeal

6 whole grains that should not be missing from your diet

Also called “the queen of cereals”, oats are a food of high energetic value that, due to its nutritional composition, deserves a main place in the regular diet.

  • It is notable for its significant contribution of slow-absorbing carbohydrates, which help regulate blood glucose levels , facilitating its transformation into energy sources.
  • It contains large amounts of dietary fiber, which promotes the control of bad cholesterol (LDL) , digestion and relief of .
  • It is an important source of vitamins of the B complex, necessary for a good functioning of the nervous and muscular system.
  • It helps improve the metabolism rate and protects the cells against the effects of free radicals.

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2. Brown rice

While it is more common to find white rice in the market, it is essential to know that brown rice is the best alternative to enjoy 100% the nutritional properties of this food.

  • It contains important amounts of B vitamins, which improve the functioning of the nervous system and the brain.
  • It is a significant source of magnesium, an essential mineral that participates in hundreds of biological processes in the body.
  • Its natural fiber improves digestion and prolongs satiety.
  • It optimizes the absorption of essential nutrients and is good for caring for cardiovascular health.

3. Barley

6 whole grains that should not be missing from your diet

Barley is the fifth most cultivated cereal in the world and, although it is not suitable for celiacs, it is a low calorie food that provides important nutrients to the body:

  • It contains vitamins B1 and B2, in addition to zinc, magnesium and .
  • It serves to improve digestion and reduce the absorption of harmful lipids in the intestine.
  • It is one of the best natural remedies against hypercholesterolemia and high triglycerides.
  • Regulates intestinal transit and promotes the elimination of waste.
  • It is recommended as a supplement to lose weight, since it is satiating and energetic.

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4. Whole rye

Rye is one of the healthiest cereals that can be added to the regular diet, as it provides a large amount of nutrients in exchange for few calories.

  • Its significant contribution of fiber promotes the control of high cholesterol , preventing its accumulation in the arteries.
  • It helps improve bowel movement, preventing disorders such as constipation.
  • It is recommended to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases.
  • It contains vitamin E and selenium, recognized for its antioxidant effect on the body.
  • It helps improve and decreases the risk of nervous and cognitive disorders.

5. Corn

6 whole grains that should not be missing from your diet

Corn is a traditional food that has been used as an energy source thanks to its contributions of slowly assimilated carbohydrates.

  • It is valued for its high contribution of vitamins A, B and E, which protect the nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems.
  • It contains dietary fiber, necessary for a good functioning of the intestine.
  • Its antioxidants help protect cells against the effects of oxidative stress .
  • It helps to protect the collagen in the skin, decreasing the appearance of premature

6. Buckwheat

Buckwheat, also known as buckwheat, is a food suitable for celiacs and gluten intolerant , since it does not contain this protein.

  • It stands out for its significant contribution of amino acids of high biological value, which maintain the active organism and strong muscles.
  • It contains minerals such as magnesium and iron, both necessary for good blood health.
  • It is low , so it helps keep sugar at stable levels.

Do you consume these cereals? After knowing how important they are for your body, include them regularly in your diet and benefit from their nutrients.

6 whole grains that should not be missing from your diet