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7 characteristics of the demanding people

Demanding people tend to carry everything they can do to the limit . This is good. To demand too much is something positive, as long as there are limits.

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Sometimes, the demand gets out of hand . It is normal that, at certain times, we are demanding with ourselves, but not that it is a constant in our life and, much less, that it is not as positive as it should be.

The requirement makes me better

It is clear that demanding from ourselves certain things will make us know our limits and that we will exploit our abilities to the maximum. With this, we pretend to be better and know skills that maybe we did not know.

7 characteristics of the demanding people

But … What happens when the demand, instead of making us better people, makes us worse? It is not always good to take us to the limit or demand too much.

At least, it is not good to do it in the wrong way.

Sometimes, people who are demanding with themselves carry out guidelines that are not at all correct. This causes that, instead of generating something good, the demand only provokes frustrations , blockages and few advances.

1. Constant dissatisfaction

The demanding people have a serious problem and they are dissatisfied with everything they do. Even if they know that they have done things well and that they have achieved the best, they can not enjoy it.

Inside there is something that does not let them settle or settle.

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This happens because they want to achieve absolute perfection . They believe that the demand should result in this absolute perfection, something impossible to achieve. With this, you avoid taking risks so you do not have to make mistakes , something totally wrong if you want to achieve a good result.

2. They work slowly

To demand too much, to want to achieve the best result, will have as a consequence that the demanding people do not manage to meet deadlines , that they are blocked, that they review everything one and one hundred thousand times.

7 characteristics of the demanding people

This will cause them to work very slowly, that are not productive and that the results are not entirely satisfactory.

3. Critics with them and with others

In addition to being very critical of themselves, they are also critical of others. This is nothing positive, since this type of people are the ones who suffer most from depression.

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The dissatisfaction they feel and the helplessness of not being able to extract more juice from themselves cause that, sometimes, their self-esteem is not at the top. This happens because their self-esteem is associated with their achievements .

4. Illogical goals and unattainable timeframes

We always focus on the fact of thinking about goals that we can accomplish and not those that it is almost impossible for us to achieve.

Thinking about achieving an illogical goal will only cause us frustration and discomfort. An example would be a 60-year-old woman who wants to have her daughter’s body of 20. Obviously, it is an illogical goal.

In addition to setting illogical goals, demanding people also think about unattainable time frames that make these goals even more unattainable.

With this, they only manage to generate frustration and achieve that dissatisfaction that already persecutes this type of people.

7 characteristics of the demanding people

5. Negative way of thinking

Demanding people think in a very negative way. In his head there are no grays, there is only white or black . Therefore, they work by following the “all or nothing” rule.

There are only two options. Options that stagnate them, causing them to crash. Two options that prevent them from moving forward.

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6. Its principle: to want is to be able

Demanding people think that if they want something they can get it . It’s a principle they always have in mind. However, the will is not everything, and there are many other factors that come into play.

It is not only to want, because we can want things but not be able to do them for different circumstances.

7. Eyes set only at the goal

The demanding ones just have their eyes on the goal and do not know how necessary it is to look at the course, the way.

This makes their goal unattainable, because they do not see if they can achieve it or not. They just have their eyes on the result, and ignore the fact that their eyes should be focused on the journey.

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7 characteristics of the demanding people

If you are a demanding person, keep in mind all these factors that, far from helping you, are against you. It is not good to demand too much, it is not good to close your eyes.

Let’s be realistic, let’s get what we can get and eliminate the frustration of our lives. You will be much happier.

7 characteristics of the demanding people