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7 different shapes of birthday accessories

Is your birthday party coming up and you have not bought anything yet? Do not despair, there are many ways to create accessories for birthdays from objects that you surely have at home. We show you some suggestions to achieve it.

If you are going to give a birthday party, you must have some accessories to make the atmosphere more enjoyable. While it is not necessary to have all the luxuries, the basic and indispensable is almost an obligation for these occasions.

It is not necessary that you run to buy everything you need. With some simple steps, you can create many birthday accessories quickly and cheaply.

7 birthday accessory ideas

1. Accessories for photographs

7 different shapes of birthday accessories

You can make mustaches, glasses , masks, and also posters with legends with totally everyday elements. It will be enough to have cardboard to cut with the shapes that you need, some fibrons to color and sorbets to stick that serve as holders.

Without a doubt, they are an excellent way to decorate the photographs. In addition, you can make personalized messages for some guests and have a great time with little preparation and little expense.

You did not know?

2. Birthday glasses

It is not necessary that you put yourself in expenses when thinking about glasses for your birthday. To create your own, you will only need glasses or glass jars and decorate them.

To do this, you can paste them cutouts of colored cardboard – in the form of triangles, circles or emojis, for example – and also write legends with the help of stencils and some matting spray for glass – this is optional.

Likewise, you can use a thin brush and colored paints for the latter. Also, there is a chance to decorate the glasses with sorbets and canvases on top and also place coasters on the tables .

If there are drinks , surely the glasses will be protagonists during the night. Then, take advantage of the circumstance to show off with beautiful and funny designs. Again, personalized messages for each guest are a very funny option.

3. Paper garlands

7 different shapes of birthday accessories

The garlands, one of the accessories for birthdays that has to be present at all costs. The main advantage of using paper to make them is that, in addition to cheap, it allows us to choose between many designs.

For example, you can form links with paper rings -threads attached at the ends- to link them together and make a chain to hang on. In the same way, you can cut papers in the form of circles or stars and join them with a thread to hang on the wall.

Remember to vary in terms of shapes and colors . This will give a lot of color to your party and will raise any other decorations that you place.

4. Balloons with details

Maybe you think you’re something big for balloons, but the truth is that these never lose their charm. You can use them as centerpieces, tied to a base and not so inflated, of course.

In addition, they allow to be decorated with numerous details. As with glasses, stencils are an excellent alternative for printing legends with spray on already inflated balloons. Not only letters, you can also draw shapes and lines to give them a particular style.

5. Pictures with confetti

7 different shapes of birthday accessories

One of the most beautiful birthday accessory ideas. If you want to put your name on the wall, you just have to draw the letters on cardboard and stick them -not definitely- on a table or a blank card.

Then, paste colored confetti around to cover most of the painting. Finally, remove the letters and you will get a very special adornment with very little work. Did you have confetti? Use them for the party!

6. Birthday signs

The classic “Happy birthday …” sign can not shine by its absence. To make it yourself and save the purchase of the letters, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Get felt and cut out rectangles of colors. The amount needed will depend on the letters of your name. For “Happy Birthday” 15 are needed.
  2. Fold these rectangles and stick the thread on the back, below the fold.
  3. Draw the letters with paint , confetti or diamond glue.
  4. You can add sequins or other details to complete the decoration of the sign.

7. Eva rubber ties

The best way to add work to birthday parties, but in a funny way, of course. To make these ties, you will only need eva and elastic rubber.

First, cut the rubber eva with the shape that you gave to the tie. It may be more elongated or wider at the lower end; try to make several of both models. Then, stick the thread or elastic to the upper back of the tie and go.

If you want to decorate them, you can use pieces of eva rubber or paint. Any detail of color that you can add will be great for your party, especially if you have fluorescent colored materials.

With these ideas of birthday accessories, your party will have all the color and brightness you want. Do not think that everything is lost if you have forgotten to stop by the store; Get down to work and solve everything in a matter of minutes!

7 different shapes of birthday accessories