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7 errors in the design of small bedrooms that take up a lot of space

Nobody said that small rooms have nothing to offer. In case someone has said it, he is wrong. It is only a matter of avoiding some mistakes in the design of small bedrooms to take advantage of their potential. We will deepen on some of them, so you will know what not to do in the future.

To tell the truth, the bedroom is a very intimate space rarely frequented by people who are not its owners. However, it is a very personal space; It is worth focusing on its decoration to make it a comfortable place.

If you have a small bedroom, you may, in your eagerness to improve its appearance, make certain mistakes in its decoration . Do you want to know which are the most frequent? Here we tell you

Avoid these errors in the design of small bedrooms

If a bedroom is small in itself, the last thing you should do is take even more space by making mistakes in your planning. For that, have at hand the following suggestions about what you should never do:

1. Do not have shelves

Since small rooms often have little space on the floor, it is a must to take advantage of the walls to gain space. In that sense, the shelves and organizers can be an excellent solution. In them you can place books, ornaments and all that for which today you do not have space.

Another good option is the attics. There you will have space for shoe boxes or clothes that you no longer use; that is, elements that we have in our room but that we scarcely use.

7 errors in the design of small bedrooms that take up a lot of space

2. Skip the mirrors

The mirrors have the valuable function of reflecting the rays of light. Then, multiply the space of a room , at least visually. Do not be afraid to choose between the biggest models or even to place several: you will see that it will end up being a very positive idea.

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3. Misplacing the furniture

Of course, this is one of the most common mistakes in the design of small bedrooms. In addition, it can be one of the most difficult to solve , given that the solution will depend a lot on the characteristics of the place and the needs and preferences of those who inhabit it.

However, the first task will be to choose among the furniture you will use most often and discard those that do not serve you. Also get rid of the ornaments that you think are left over. If you have the option to order custom furniture, obviously it will be much easier.

A general rule is to locate the furniture in a way that allows adequate circulation around the place. Also, do not be afraid to put them in the center of the room; these can work to delimit mini-spaces within the room itself.

4. Impede the entrance of natural light

A small bedroom will look much less spacious if, in addition, it is poorly lit. You must make sure that sunlight does not miss these spaces. For that, you can forget the curtains or use light ones, either fine cloth or minimalist designs, like Roman ones.

5. Being afraid of colors

The perception of many people is that flashy colors do not blend well with small rooms. Actually, this is exactly the other way around.

You can use a combination of bright colors to highlight the atmosphere ; will attract more attention and look much better. Design experts recommend using a maximum of three colors; preferably, of the same tone.

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6. Carpet too small

This is another idea that may sound contradictory, but in fact locating a large carpet in the center of the room will suit you very well. Better yet if you place a coffee table and a good sofa on top.

Does it seem too much for a small place? It is not like this! One of the biggest mistakes in the design of small bedrooms has to do with not knowing how to find the right elements for its interior.

A carpet of considerable size, along with its complements, will focus the attention of the bedroom at a certain point of it. Therefore, the perception will no longer be that of a small place in which nothing enters; On the contrary, these large furniture will help you to better mark the spaces in it.

7 errors in the design of small bedrooms that take up a lot of space

7. Place the bed in the wrong places

The main function of the bedroom is rest. Therefore, its central element must be the bed; The first thing you should do is find the right place for her.

Evaluate everything you can think of: lighting, ventilation, temperature, possibility of placing carpets and bedside tables ; everything will influence. According to Feng Shui , the bed should be placed diagonally opposite the door; it must also have a broad back and, finally, there can not be a window behind it.

The errors in the design of a small bedroom that we discussed here can be very harmful for your rest space. Avoid falling into them to have a more intimate, comforting and pleasant place for you.

7 errors in the design of small bedrooms that take up a lot of space