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Beyond food, there are everyday objects with which we are in contact in our day to day and that have an expiration date.

This is something we do not always know, but we must take into account. These are the everyday objects whose we usually ignore. Take note!

1. The pillows

If you notice that your pillow does not give you the rest that it did in yesteryear, maybe it is because it has expired.

It is one of the most important objects in this list, since it is related to the dream, but there is a large part of the population that does not know that it

The pillows are composed of a filling that is able to stay in perfect condition between two and three years.

After this time becomes the nest for dust mites and also loses shape and that has dire consequences for the neck.

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2. Sponge and bath flower

7 everyday objects whose expiration date we usually do not know

Both in the case of the sponge nat as in the flower bath, both have an expiration date. Over time, if sponges are used very frequently and they do not drain well, it can end up generating fungi.

To disinfect them, nothing like putting them in boiling water, as long as they are made with resistant materials.

As for the bath flower, something similar happens.

While the sponges have an optimal life of about two months (three loofahs), in the case of the bath flower has nothing less than a resistance of up to six months. It is a fact that should be taken into account.

3. Toothbrush

It is not advisable to have more than three months the same toothbrush .

Beyond observing if the cells have been deformed, which would be another classic symptom to see if this brush has to be changed or not, it would have to be changed after each cold .

It seems something that has no apparent relationship, but you could get sick again. So the best thing is that you have about four toothbrushes throughout the year and, if you have fallen into a flu or a bad cold, change it when you get better.

4. Cologne and perfume

7 everyday objects whose expiration date we usually do not know

Both the perfume and the colony have a shelf life of one to three years. They are composed of essential oils. In the case that they are not open, they can be kept for up to three years (two if the bottles in question have been opened).

With regard to the colony water, it can last up to four years closed and two in the case that the container of the colony water is already open.

5. Baby bottles and pacifiers

Bottles and pacifiers have latex teats and this material expires after a certain time, specifically between two and five weeks.

In the case of bottles, the teat should be replaced with a new one once this regulatory time has passed.

And it is the latex that cracks and it is precisely at that point where the microbes come together, so it is a nest of bacteria for the baby.

Therefore, it is best to change the bottle and pacifier after two to five weeks.

6. Spices and flour

7 everyday objects whose expiration date we usually do not know

Both spices and flour also have an expiration date.

In the case of spices, this date can vary from one to three years. Over time they lose their flavor and aroma and, in the case of the ground ones, the expiration is six months.

Regarding the flour, the expiration lasts between six and twelve months. Depending on the type of flour the period will be one or the other, so it is best to also find out what you put in the container.

It must be well indicated at all times.

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7. Disinfectant products

7 everyday objects whose expiration date we usually do not know

Disinfectants intended for the home have an expiration date of around three months, although it may seem longer.

Often we leave them in the cupboard, but the truth is that after this time, its effect is no longer the same and expire.

The effectiveness diminishes little by little until it ends up disappearing. The best solution could be to consider what amount is going to be spent and, depending on that data, go buy.

Only then will we prevent the products from expiring.

7 everyday objects whose expiration date we usually do not know

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