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7 foods that eliminate your hunger without fattening

There are people who suffer because they feel that they need to satisfy their appetite continuously or that they need to eat enough food at each meal.

Although this may depend on the age, metabolism and rhythm of life of each, there are some foods that help us feel full stomach or without the need to consume large quantities.

It is important to note that a balanced diet is, in general, much more satisfying than a diet rich in fats and sugars. In addition, we highlight the most satisfying foods and some tips that will help us avoid hunger attacks.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables, especially raw, help us to satisfy our hunger and to nourish our body with vitamins and minerals, consuming at the same time a few calories. The combination of fiber and water fills our stomach easily, and although they can also be quickly digested, they will help us resolve those moments when we need to bite something.

A good option are the fruit smoothies, in which we can mix some fruits and beat them with water, as well as sweeten them with a little stevia if the fruits are not very sweet. On the other hand, natural

Another very healthy option is

7 foods that eliminate your hunger without fattening

Whole-grain foods

The majority of flours and cereals that we consume today are refined, since they have been extracted fiber. If we consume them whole they will be much more satisfying and also more beneficial for our body. We can choose whole foods such as rice, bread, flour to make confectionery, etc.

7 foods that eliminate your hunger without fattening


The agar-agar is an algae that helps us to curdle food , since it works like a jelly. This seaweed is very satiating because its thickener function also occurs in the stomach. When it reaches the stomach it is mixed with the gastric juices, it increases its volume and produces a sensation of satiety.

It is also very cleansing , helps to get rid of toxins and improves bowel function, avoiding constipation.

We can use it to thicken soups and stews, and also to prepare gelatin desserts with fruit juices or vegetable drinks.

7 foods that eliminate your hunger without fattening


The unlike animal protein, are rich in fiber. In fact, when eating them normally we already noticed that we arrived with ease.

If we tend to induce bad digestion we can cook it with a little cumin, curry or fennel, and not mix it with too many foods, or crush them and take them as puree.

An ancient remedy

We can make a highly satisfying preparation by grinding and mixing equal parts of flax seeds, wheat bran and psyllium (a medicinal plant used as a natural laxative). We will take one or two tablespoons of this preparation mixed with a glass of water, about 10 or 15 minutes before each meal. We will quickly notice how we do not have the need to ingest so much.


Many times we confuse hunger with thirst , and sometimes it is simply “emotional hunger” or the need to put something in our mouths. For those moments there is nothing better than drinking two glasses of water. In fact every time we are hungry we can drink water. If hunger continues five minutes later, then we can eat something.

It is important that the water is lukewarm and that we avoid taking very cold water, which can cool the digestive system and also hinder the digestion of food.

Chew food well

We can not stop commenting on the importance of chewing food well to help satiate the appetite. Hunger lasts about 20 minutes when we start eating. If we chew well we will not need so much food , and we will also make a better digestion of what we have eaten.

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7 foods that eliminate your hunger without fattening