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7 foods to define your muscles

Defining your muscles is perhaps the stage that allows you to capitalize on all the effort involved in making the decision to change your lifestyle to improve your health and fitness. If you got here, it’s because you’ve done really well both in the gym and with the diet.

Define your muscles is the high point of the process, because it is time for your body to look like you really want. It is not enough with a strong training, now we must pay more attention to food.

It is assumed that you have already left out fats and flours, that you eat healthier and that there are times for the odd dessert.

But to define your muscles, eliminating the fat that remains and increasing its size, you must choose to eat some specific foods. Here we tell you which ones.

Food groups that you should consider

Below we suggest the groups of nutrients that can not be missing in your diet to define your muscles.

Grain carbohydrates

These you can get in pasta, rice, bread, legumes and cereals. Ideally, consume them in the early hours of the day and do not overdo the amounts.

7 foods to define your muscles

Remember that you can not eliminate carbohydrates, as these are the ones that give you the energy you need to fulfill all your daily activities optimally. Choose those with low glycemic index, few or no saturated fat and no cholesterol.

Fruits and vegetables

They can be eaten throughout the day, as a dessert or snack. Choose those with low glycemic index , such as citrus fruits, grapes, apples, peaches, apricots, red fruits, to name a few.

As for the vegetables, carrots, onions, pumpkin, peppers, cabbages and turnips can not miss.

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It may be the most important food group, because they are the ones that directly help generate muscle tissue. Consumes fish and its derivatives. Also white meats, such as turkey, chicken and rabbit .

On the other hand, avoid red meats. You can eat them at least twice a month. However, remember to consult with a specialist.

These are the most important foods that you should take into account. In parallel, it is essential that you continue your process of detoxification of sugary drinks and alcohol. Now let’s continue with the meals that will help you define your muscles.

7 foods to define your muscles

1. Veal

To define your muscles, the veal is presented as one of the best options. It is pure protein and this makes it insurmountable. This meat contains linoleic acid, which is responsible for removing fat and developing muscles.

However, although it also acts on hypertension and has antioxidant properties, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned about the carcinogenic properties of . For this reason, we recommend consuming 200 to 225 grams of this meat during the week .

2. Eggs

One of the options that should not be missing from the menu . It is the food with the best proteins of biological value.

7 foods to define your muscles

In addition, the yolk contributes considerable levels of iron, sodium, selenium, phosphorus and zinc. Also, it has vitamins, such as A, B2, B12, D and E. You can eat until after training because it helps with rapid digestion.

3. Chicken breast

This is a meat that contributes a lot of protein, and for every 100 grams that you consume you will only be adding 120 calories. A serving can give you about 30 grams of protein , so consider it and add it to your diet.

4. Salmon

It is a fish that you can add to your food plan with great security . It contains fatty acids, which are very healthy and will help you to give vitality to your joints. In addition, it provides Omega-3 and, therefore, will help reduce cholesterol levels. It is a very good protein that you must cook on the grill or in the oven and without oil.

5. Tuna

It is a food that you can not ignore . It contributes a lot of protein and you will metabolize it very fast . You can prepare it grilled or in its own juice. We recommend that you consume it as a main dish or as a companion to salads.

Combine it with a portion of pasta or rice . You can also eat them before or after your training.

6. Seeds, cereals and nuts

These groups provide healthy fibers, minerals and fats. In addition, cereals such as quinoa can provide you with as many proteins as the foods mentioned above.

7 foods to define your muscles

Oats, nuts, almonds, to name a few, are very economical. To define your muscles you can combine them in salads and eat them with your meats before or after physical activity. They also fight anxiety.

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7. Green tea

This is a good partner who will act effectively while other foods also do their job. Green tea will allow you to reduce fat while you are on the path of defining your muscles.

On the other hand, it is a diuretic, it protects you against free radicals and promotes the development of all muscle tissues.

With these 7 foods you can create many dishes so that your diet is not unpleasant . Remember vegetables and vegetables and always keep in mind that a healthy diet will not only help you define your muscles, but will allow you to achieve a better lifestyle.

7 foods to define your muscles