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7 gift ideas for the family

Any reason is good to give and receive gifts for the family . Do not wait for special dates (which are certainly valid at the time), nor increase the consumption of superfluous things. The joy of being together and being a family is more than enough reason to give yourself a gift and share.

Busy life full of job responsibilities of parents, an agenda rich in activities that is imposed on children and the hours lost in front of the television or surfing the Internet limit the possibilities of sharing as a family.

Let’s start from a basic premise: the best gift a family can receive is time to be together . Taking this into account, we leave you 7 ideas that we think are great gifts for the family.

Gift ideas for the family that unite

More than gifts, they are present. Present because they relate to the present moment, to share in today and now. Well, they say that the present is a gift, and that’s why they call it “present.”

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Cooking and sharing

7 gift ideas for the family

Nothing more pleasant than a meal at home with everyone gathered. Those meals that are extended and enjoyed in the company of the beloved people . Sharing can begin with the preparation of food. Personalized aprons can be given to each member of the family.

The little ones can make their contribution by adding condiments or mixing sauces . Also, they can paint the paper tablecloths that will be used to serve the delicacies that come out of the kitchen. Also, it can be very interesting to take a cooking course with the family.

Afternoon games

Board games are a classic that never goes out of style. The memory games or puzzels (puzzles) are ideal to create a space that both children and adults of all ages enjoy. The didactic games can offer pleasant moments to parents and children or to grandparents and grandchildren .

Likewise, card games or dominoes guarantee family enjoyment. It is not about turning the home into a casino but about sharing, sharpening attention and ingenuity and, of course, having a good time.

Adopt a pet

7 gift ideas for the family

A dog, a cat or a fish can be the new member who needs a family. Caring for a pet involves the whole family. Of course, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Caring for a puppy involves everyone and implies responsibility, commitment , affection and respect . The fish also require care, but the minutes of tranquility that are achieved by just observing them are conducive to meditation and tranquility.

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Art and shows

Enjoying a museum, a concert or a play can be an excellent gift for the whole family. Options of this nature are unique opportunities for recreation, exchange and knowledge for the whole family .

In times like Christmas or summer holidays, there are plenty of shows for the enjoyment of the whole family. In many places there are festivals in streets and squares, which besides being free, allow the fraternal encounter with neighbors, friends and other fellow citizens.

Do sports together

7 gift ideas for the family

Going for a bicycle, organizing a football game, going for a walk to a park, taking dance classes or yoga for parents and children, are gifts for the family that help to strengthen the bond .

The decision of what will be the best discipline for the family is imposed by the taste of its members and, of course, the budget; but the options are many. Together you can find the one that best suits your affinities .

Family gifts made at home

The birthday of the grandmother or the cousin who moves from city or country are occasions in which everyone wonders what will be the best gift. Organizing an album of family photos, making cards or painting some t-shirts (sweatshirts) can be very appreciated gifts by those who receive them.

Each member of the family will contribute what they can according to their abilities , the important thing is the time they share together making the gifts, the creativity that is activated and the affection that materializes.

A starry night

7 gift ideas for the family

Another gift without equal is to spend pleasant family moments observing stars . If it is a natural phenomenon that involves a wait, that time stimulates dialogue, meeting and trust between family members.

Also, you can give a telescope to the family, attend astronomy classes together or visit the nearest science museum. It is a way of linking what is seen in the observation of the sky with knowledge and science.


The time to share with the family is the best gift for adults and children , it is positive for physical and emotional health. The minutes they dedicate to be together and share the love they have, the best of the gifts for the family will never be excessive.

7 gift ideas for the family