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7 indicators that you do not love yourself enough

Life is so short that it is foolish to waste it worrying about what others may think about us.

However, we always seek the approval of others to end up becoming people without character that we do not even know what we want.

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When our own happiness begins to depend on others , it is time that we stop to reflect on our life and how we are carrying it .

Something has to change.

If you do not accept, you do not love yourself

If you are not able to accept yourself as you are, if you have become someone totally different, we have to tell you that you do not love yourself properly. You have made the mistake of putting everything you are into someone else’s hands and now you are lost.

Therefore, today you will learn to identify some signs that indicate that you do not love yourself enough so that you can stop and prevent this situation from continuing.

Will you feel identified with any of them? Or with several?

7 indicators that you do not love yourself enough

1. You are not free by being yourself

Being what others want you to be wears you out. It may seem easy, but the truth is that it would be much easier to be yourself than to worry about being someone who, in reality, does not exist.

If right now you are doubting whether you feel fully free or not to be yourself, with your faults and your virtues, you need to observe your way of acting.

Do you spend too much time surrounded by people? Do you avoid being alone with yourself at all costs?

If so, you may be rejecting who you really are and using the crowd to avoid thinking about it.

In fact, perhaps you have given power to those people with whom you spend so much time to be changed, which implies that, when they are not present, you feel bad.

It’s time to get away from all this and rediscover who you really are .

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2. You do not dare to say what you think

Have you ever felt self-conscious in a conversation or that fear of expressing your own opinions, in case they do not coincide with the rest?

If so, you may want to “mold” others, even if it means rejecting and not expressing your own opinions.

If you do not speak loudly, nobody will listen to you and, therefore, they will ignore you and will not take you into account. Do not be afraid to be or think differently. You may have a great lack of self-esteem that you should start caring for.

Your opinions are as relevant as those of others and, even if you think they can be mere nonsense, they are not! State them, speak loudly and be noticed. Your opinion counts more than you think.

3. You are critical of yourself

You are so critical of yourself that, unwittingly, you constantly block yourself and avoid your own advance. In some way, you punish yourself for not doing things as you should. You do not realize that wandering allows you to learn and move on.

Stop criticizing yourself so much, value everything you’ve achieved so far, however small , and celebrate it even if you think it does not matter. If you do it, it will be proof that you have begun to love yourself.

4. You have not taken care of yourself for a long time

7 indicators that you do not love yourself enough

We all need to feel comfortable inside our body. If this is not the case, we are doing something wrong. That is why, if you have stopped taking care of yourself, dressing well, feeding yourself in a healthy way and all this makes you feel worse, change!

You have to love yourself, be healthy for yourself, dress well for you, not for anyone else. If you do not do it, nobody will and leaving this responsibility in the hands of others is a serious mistake.

Start loving yourself, start taking care of yourself.

5. You are not able to self-motivate yourself

Without motivation, the percentage of success in carrying out a plan or a dream is reduced to a minimum. You will never achieve what you want if you do not trust your possibilities and give yourself a positive self-motivation kick every day.

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You may fail again and again, that the people around you do not support you, but you have to believe in yourself and pursue everything you want.

Do not let others hold you back. Value your own dreams.

6. Do not trust anything that has to do with you

Trust is as important as the motivation we talked about before. Without trust, nothing can move forward. Have you stopped to think about what you are capable of? Have you valued everything you have achieved, no matter how small?

If you love yourself, you will trust yourself and not allow anyone to break down that self-confidence. You can achieve what you want, you will value up to your mistakes, which will allow you to learn. It does not seem very difficult, right?

7. You do not give yourself to others sincerely

7 indicators that you do not love yourself enough

For various circumstances of life, we may be afraid to open ourselves to others, to show us how we really are.

Being fully aware, we put on an armor that protects us, but also weakens us .

If you do not give yourself to others, if you do not open, if you do not love yourself, you can never know what it is to be truly loved. You may even never experience the feeling of being able to trust a person completely.

This will sadden you and fuel your belief that you are not worthy of love. However, at this point, you know perfectly well that you deserve as much love as others .

What’s more, the only love that matters right now is yours for yourself.

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Sometimes it may be difficult to trust yourself again, you may even believe that you do not deserve to be loved and that is why you hurt yourself. If this happens, you are wrong and you have to solve it.

It’s your life that is at stake, your feelings, your emotions, your dreams … Start to value your life, value the person you really are . It will not be an easy road, but the effort will be worth it.

If you still do not love yourself, make everything change.

7 indicators that you do not love yourself enough