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7 reasons that explain why they give us eye tics

If in certain stages you see eye tics and you do not know very well why, you must pay attention to these seven reasons that could be the cause of, from time to time, we suffer this annoyance .

And is that, although we usually associate with ocular tics can indicate more serious problems in the body.

Characteristics of nervous tics

7 reasons that explain why they give us eye tics
  • Nervous tics, as is the case with ocular tics, are involuntary and repetitive spasms.
  • They occur in the eyelid muscle and can last from a few seconds to a minute or two. They can even accompany us for days intermittently.
  • Most of the time it is a type of tic in which only the lower eyelid of the eye is involved.
  • Sometimes the upper eyelid can also contract, with the inconvenience that this entails.

Remember that a nervous tic can be due to very different reasons. Next, we will present the most common. However, if you notice that it extends over time, we recommend that you go to an ophthalmologist.

1. Stress

Stress is one of the main causes of this type of eye tics, so combating it will be essential to make the annoying tics disappear.

What should we do?

To try to avoid it, the most important thing is to relax and sleep well. In principle, with these simple recommendations should refer, as they help us overcome

2. Lack of sleep

7 reasons that explain why they give us eye tics

And if stress is harmful, in the case of eye tics, it is not so much the lack of

What should we do?

The solution in this sense is quite simple and goes through maintaining a few hours of rest and complete daily sleep that will solve this problem.

The advisable is 8 hours, without interruptions.

3. Eye dryness

Many times the appearance of ocular tics is the result of dry eyes. It is a very common annoyance between people who spend a lot of time in front of the

What should we do?

If you have this type of tic and notes that your eyes are dry, you will need to put some moisturizing drops or artificial tears to relieve it.

4. Weary eyesight

If you think you have eyestrain you may need to change your glasses. And is that even the most minimal problems related to the eyes can make your eyes work more and present problems.

All this would end up causing the annoying eyelid tremor.

What should we do?

If you think that is your case, the first thing you will have to do is review your eyesight. In addition, the excessive use of electronic devices can also lead to eyestrain problems .

Try to follow the 20 minute rule when you are going to use electronic devices, so that every 20 minutes you turn your eyes away from the screen and let your eyes rest.

5. Excess of caffeine

Excessive intake of caffeine can also cause problems related to eye tics.

What should we do?

A good way to avoid them is to reduce coffee consumption for one or two weeks and see if eye tics disappear. In any case, remember that

6. Alcohol

7 reasons that explain why they give us eye tics

As with coffee, an excess of alcohol can also lead to eye tics of the most annoying.

What should we do?

Therefore, it is best that you try to exclude alcoholic beverages for a while.

And is that as we say alcohol also causes tremor in the eyelids, so exclúyelo of your diet and you will notice the difference.

7. Poor diet

We already know that we are what we eat. Therefore, a poor diet can also lead to problems related to eye tics.

What should we do?

Remember that the deficiency of some nutrients (such as ocular tics to appear .

Therefore, the important thing is to have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, because this way you will get the organs to function correctly.

Pay close attention to the signals that your organism gives you because some, like the eyelid tremor, may be due to more important problems than you can think of.

7 reasons that explain why they give us eye tics