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7 signs that show that something is wrong in your relationship

There are many ways in which you can realize that something is wrong with your relationship. As much as it costs you to accept it, there are behaviors and actions that show you clearly that things are not going in the right direction. Are you starting to have doubts?

It is important to bear in mind that the couple’s relationship goes through different phases, each one with its respective changes. Although some manage to maintain that feeling of falling in love with time, it is inevitable to go through several conflicts.

The way in which those difficult moments are assumed are those that determine how strong the union is or how far it is willing to yield to one another. Then, at this point, there is a decisive moment to consolidate the relationship or finish it.

But first of all, it’s good to spend a little time on a general balance of life as a couple. Thus, after analyzing how deteriorated the union is, safer decisions can be made. How to know if something goes wrong in your relationship?

1. There is no longer enough courtesy

7 signs that show that something is wrong in your relationship

The courtesy in the couple has to do with that special treatment that occurs spontaneously when two people love each other. If one or both of them are involved in good manners, things start to have a tense and unbearable environment.

Sometimes you lose the courtesy to manifest some dissatisfaction towards that person; however, if it is a recurring symptom and passes over respect, it is better to assume it more seriously. Are there deeper reasons behind this? Think wisely!

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2. There is no good communication

In order for the relationship to work, it is essential to maintain good communication , even after a long time together. Therefore, if this aspect starts to fail it is because something is not going well in your relationship.

When you lose that ability to establish a healthy conversation as a couple, many other areas of the relationship are affected. In fact, although they live in the same place, there is a distancing between one and the other.

3. There are ridicules before third parties

7 signs that show that something is wrong in your relationship

A couple who are in love let the world see their complicity. But when things change dramatically, some begin to disqualify the other, even in front of third parties. Has that person tried to make you look ridiculous?

Watch out! Besides being a sign that something is going wrong in your relationship, it also points out that the other is starting to be toxic . Not putting the brake on it as soon as possible can lead to more difficult conflict situations.

4. The joint plans are finished

Sometimes it happens without you noticing. You start making a lot of plans but do not include your partner. In the same way, that person takes care of his time and stops taking you into account for things that used to be important. Independence? I do not think so!

Although everyone has the right to have their own life, to stop having plans together is a bad sign. Maybe the moment has come when they share a space in common, but without feeling mutual attraction.

5. There is permanent distrust

7 signs that show that something is wrong in your relationship

Many things can happen to lose confidence in your partner or vice versa; infidelities or lies exposed are the main reasons for this component to deteriorate. The problem is that nothing returns to be as before and jealousy increases.

Therefore, your behaviors seem suspicious and you stop feeling calm. Over time the situation gets worse and becomes a focus of discussion. Undoubtedly, it is a clear indication that something is wrong in your relationship.

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6. Intimacy is increasingly scarce

The sexual environment plays a very important role in all relationships. Therefore, when sexual encounters diminish, something is failing. Obviously you should bear in mind that there are situations where lack of sex responds to justifiable reasons; If not, it’s better to worry.

7. The fights are constant

7 signs that show that something is wrong in your relationship

All couples have discussions because it is impossible to always agree. But when those differences are reasons to have constant fights, things simply go wrong. If you have a fight with your partner, maybe you should consider putting an end point.

Do you have reason to think that something is wrong with your relationship? If you have just identified one or more signals, you may have to rethink whether you should continue or not . Sometimes, even if it hurts, it is better to say goodbye to avoid worse situations.

7 signs that show that something is wrong in your relationship