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7 signs that you are a FREE SOUL

Being a free soul, beyond its more spiritual side, responds to a type of personality that has reached an adequate level of maturity and psychological competences based on autonomy and security.

It is not easy to reach this peak of our personal growth.

And it is a dimension that, in reality, would fit very well into that peak of the pyramid of needs that Abraham Maslow introduced in 1943 in his article “A Theory of Human Motivation”.

To be a free soul does not mean at all to be, to feel and to act as a person who chooses to disassociate himself from all ties, from all responsibility or from any hint of a relationship that allows him to take root.

We are talking about a series of characteristics, attitudes and ways of interacting with reality that make us, without a doubt, fitter and more secure in the face of life and its adversities.

Where there is no room for unhealthy attachments or asphyxiating dependencies.

Next, we suggest you discover if these dimensions that we now explain to you define you in body, soul and feeling.

1. You choose, think and act without the approval of anyone

To reach that point in our life and personal journey where you do not need outside approvals to live as you wish is, without a doubt, a big step.

  • Throughout a good part of our existence we need to be validated by society .

First by our parents, then by our peers and, later, by our work environments.

To show ourselves as we are, to speak with the voice in our hearts and with sincerity in the language is something that is not achieved from one day to the next. Only the true free souls achieve it.

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2. You live without fear: you trust in yourself

7 signs that you are a FREE SOUL

Experts in personal growth and motivational psychology know very well that fear is the great opportunity seeker.

When we finally let go of the veils of the worries and we stop putting fatalities ahead, we manage to move forward with more secure feet.

Happiness is always beyond the borders of fear . However, to cross these lines what we need, in the first place, is an adequate “self-confidence”.

3. You are an authentic, shameless, spontaneous person

You are one of those people who no longer filters in their language because before you have done an adequate mental process to know that the truth should always go ahead .

  • Sincerity defines you, but also the impudence that starts smiles and establishes complicities.
  • You are spontaneous because you no longer care what they will say, let alone what they will think.

Authentic personalities are free souls because their inner being no longer lives with censorship. They have made contact with their essence and values ​​to show the world how they understand life: from passion.

4. You know what is worth fighting for

7 signs that you are a FREE SOUL

The free soul, contrary to what many may think, does not mean evading responsibilities or aspiring to a form of carefree freedom where desires come and go in an erratic way. Absolutely.

The free soul knows very well why it must fight: for what it loves, for everything that identifies it and makes it happy.

The rest is irrelevant.

5. The free soul does not speak the language of attachments

Attachment, understood from the affective point of view, is the great enemy of personal growth.

  • Falling into a relationship marked by affective addiction completely vetoes our sense of integrity, freedom and self-expression.
  • The person who defines himself as a free soul knows love without depending. It offers the best of itself to others feeling complete and without seeing love a drug in which to fall prisoners.

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6. The free soul knows how to appreciate the little things in life

7 signs that you are a FREE SOUL

To be free means not to be clinging to what our growth vetoes, to what bars our way of feeling and living.

This passion for freedom is achieved above all by knowing how to prioritize, understanding that the most important things in life are not things , they are sensations.

In turn, these feelings are given by the simplest and most everyday experiences: a chat, a walk on the beach, a date, a trip, walk barefoot, hug our pet, go for a run without having a single worry in the mind…

Busy and pre-occupied people are not able to appreciate that kind of everyday details that freer minds do identify, promote and value.

7. Life itself inspires you and, with your attitude, you inspire others

It is possible that, on more than one occasion, they ask you how you do it .

“You’re always happy, you have time for everything, you do a thousand things and you always make me laugh … How do you get it?”

  • Actually, you do not know very well how to respond, because your philosophy of life is something that you have been getting over time.

Sometimes, the free soul arises after being a captive soul , and that is a fact that you never overlook.

Being free is an attitude to take with firmness and perseverance, knowing that, sometimes, it is necessary to leave certain things behind.

7 signs that you are a FREE SOUL