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7 signs that you are a strong personality

There is usually some confusion regarding personality, character and temperament. This is because these terms are very close, but not identical.

For this reason it will be important to point out what personality is .

According to Hall & Lindzey in his book Theories of Personality (1957, p.262) personality is “the dynamic organization in the individual of those systems that determine his characteristic behavior and thought” . In other words, it is the configuration of the systems responsible for behavior that are forged through the history of the individual.

What is having a strong personality?

Some people, outside of the theory of psychology, would say it’s having character .

Although, among the theoreticians, there is usually a heated debate to define “character”, in the context of personality it can be said that it is a person with resilience .

Resilience is the ability of a person to adapt positively to difficult situations and overcome adversity .

Also, within the Japanese culture there is the kintsugi , the traditional art that repairs broken pottery with a strong adhesive and gold dust. At the end of the process, the restored pottery is stronger and more valuable than at the beginning.

Is not the Kintsugi a great case that exemplifies the beauty of resilience?

Signs of strong personality

How can you know if you are resilient or not? Here we share some key features.

1. Optimism

7 signs that you are a strong personality

Being optimistic is the tendency to face difficulties with good spirit, perseverance and hope . It is an approach that allows us to find solutions, advantages or possibilities when faced with difficulties.

If we are positive and is easier for us to accept the responsibilities of our actions ,   and take the time to improve and improve ourselves .

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2. Tolerance to frustration

Developing tolerance to frustration allows improving emotional stability.

It is important to be tolerant when someone or oneself makes a mistake. Remembering that nobody in the world is perfect, and that everyone makes mistakes will help us to be more flexible with others and with oneself.

However, there are that highlight the importance of proposing alternative behavior strategies, in order to   improvise new actions instead of repeating the failures.

3. Emotional intelligence

7 signs that you are a strong personality

It is a sign of maturity and allows learning to regulate emotional responses . It can be translated as the ability to recognize and manage one’s own feelings and those of others, facilitating interpersonal behavior.

According to a considerable amount of emotional intelligence is related to success .

It was revealed that this ability provides the foundation of social and emotional competencies that are important for success in almost any job .

Therefore, emotional intelligence can be used in our favor to improve productivity and psychological well-being .

4. Passion

, entrepreneur and entrepreneur specialized in empowering people and companies to achieve success, in his book This has to change! , defines passion as the inexhaustible energy that drives people to continue regardless of limits or difficulties .

Passion is a great help because it allows you to feel fulfilled and enjoy your work, even in the absence of recognition.

On the other hand, positive influence by experiencing higher levels of positive emotions , concentration and the desire to perform the task well.

This favors the empowerment of the person and their ability to face the challenges that arise, regardless of external aid. Although it is not an innate ability of the human being, it can be sought and developed.

5. Commitment and motivation

7 signs that you are a strong personality

Committing is an obligation that requires full knowledge to do so.

It happens when the person believes in what he does and is an important issue for her, driving and maintaining his behavior. As a result, the individual does not stop until all the stated objectives have been met.

For its part, motivation is a feeling that arises from a high degree of involvement to achieve a goal; not only for the satisfaction of basic needs, but those related to self-realization (how to obtain success in different areas of life). In this range, the desire to achieve efficiency and quality is also included.

states that “research in psychology confirms […] that the subject acts after an exercise of free will, structuring a strong sense of personal responsibility “.

In other words, the motivation can be self-determined, initiated and regulated by own choice , what   that originates the achievement of previously anticipated goals.

This is how motivation becomes the internal motor that connects the mind, will and interest to achieve objectives in a positive, happy and hopeful way.

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6. Flexibility

When we go through difficulties it is difficult to stay in our center, even when we are too critical of ourselves.

However, accepting the circumstances and being flexible will allow us to focus on what we can change and see the changes as new opportunities for growth.

According to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), psychological helps people to let go and move with previous negative experiences to find a way to live fully and focus on what really matters.

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7. Learning

7 signs that you are a strong personality

Generally, the human being learns through trial and error. Therefore, we can not do what we did not learn.

However, the experiences are a great source of personal knowledge that will serve to create strategies when facing difficult life events and overcome them with joy.

7 signs that you are a strong personality