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7 simple tips to overcome depression

Depression is an emotional health problem that can be caused by specific situations, hormonal changes or environmental factors.

It is a state in which the person is immersed in a deep sadness , in addition to remaining irritable and without wanting to live as he used to.

It is increasingly common among children and adolescents, but anyone can suffer at some point in their lives.

The most serious is that their symptoms are often overlooked and, in the absence of , the consequences can be serious.

For this reason, it is essential to attend to it as soon as possible and, even if it occurs lightly or occasionally, seek help from a professional.

In addition, it is good to take into account some recommendations that, in some way, help to overcome it more easily.

In this opportunity we want to reveal the 7 most important ones so that you do not hesitate to put them into practice when you face this problem.

1. Recover your routine and get active

7 simple tips to overcome depression

It is normal that many of the daily habits change when going through difficult stages that cause depression.

However, although sometimes it is necessary to rest from everything, you should always try to recover the routine and those activities that allow you to activate the body physically and mentally.

  • This is that, if, for example, before you became depressed you did sport, you try to re-practice it in some way.
  • Take up all your tasks and habits gradually, until you feel comfortable doing them again.

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2. Set goals

Depression provokes a feeling of the affected person think that he will not achieve what is proposed.

  • Setting daily or medium-term goals overcomes this thinking and, moreover, is essential to take on new challenges.
  • The ideal is to start with small objectives and, as the recovery progresses, assume greater challenges.

3. Do a new activity

7 simple tips to overcome depression

All falls, including those involving depression, are a new opportunity to learn, change and discover our potential.

  • Start learning a new art, or start a career can be key to overcome this emotional state.
  • The levels of dopamine and serotonin increase with the pleasure of learning and the ability to undertake a new project.

4. Improve your eating habits

is essential both to prevent it and to overcome it.

It is very common that patients with this problem tend to make poor food choices , affecting their health and weight.

  • Therefore, rather than channeling the problem with harmful foods, it is essential to design a healthy and controlled diet in calories.
  • This should be based on foods such as fruits and vegetables, whose contribution of nutrients helps to segregate the hormones of well-being.

5. Increase magnesium consumption

7 simple tips to overcome depression

While this recommendation is part of the previous point, it is very important to make a special mention, especially because the levels of this mineral decrease when the person falls into that state.

The lack of magnesium increases the feeling of anxiety and, in the long term, causes heart palpitations and fatigue.

  • Fortunately, it can be incorporated into the diet with foods such as nuts, oysters and bananas.
  • In addition, it can be absorbed through the skin with baths with mineral salts or .

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6. Sleep well

Achieving a good quality of sleep when depression takes over our body is a rather complicated task.

Thoughts are more difficult to control and emotional imbalance prevents reaching optimal and restful sleep.

  • Despite this, we must try to sleep as well as possible, avoiding distractions before going to bed and, if necessary, resorting to remedies to induce the body to sleep.
  • Achieving a 7 or 8 hour sleep decreases the segregation of the hormones that cause depression and, instead, increases those that promote

7. Learn to meditate

7 simple tips to overcome depression

Meditation exercises are a therapeutic tool that allows you to connect your body and mind to reflect and eliminate negative thoughts.

Its practice not only decreases depression, but improves the ability to solve problems.

  • Choose a quiet and quiet place, and spend at least 10 minutes.

Remember that, in addition to following these tips, it is beneficial to surround yourself with people who make you feel supported at all times.

If the problem does not improve, you should follow the recommendations of a

7 simple tips to overcome depression