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7 superfoods that will help you to purify the liver naturally

The liver, along with the gallbladder, plays a very important role for the health of our body.

And it only participates in the digestive functions. It also intervenes in vital processes such as the segregation of hormones and the storage of some nutrients.

It is part of the so-called excretory organs, since it filters the blood all the time to remove the

This facilitates the destruction of some types of viruses and bacteria and, incidentally, prevents the development of some chronic pathologies that affect the quality of life.

The problem is that sometimes it presents difficulties to fulfill its tasks , either due to some illness or because the practice of bad habits generates an excessive accumulation of waste.

Because of this, it is essential to improve eating habits , and increase the consumption of those ingredients whose nutritional composition strengthens and stimulates their functions.

In this opportunity we want to share the 7 best so do not hesitate to add them to your diet.

1. Broccoli

7 superfoods that will help you to purify the liver naturally

Considered one of the healthiest green vegetables, broccoli is one of the best food options to purify the liver naturally.

  • It contains powerful antioxidants that have been and the elimination of toxins retained in the body.
  • Its high fiber content favors the digestion process and, in turn, facilitates the control of high cholesterol levels.
  • It provides vitamin E, a liposoluble nutrient with antioxidant effect that protects this organ from .

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2. Nuts

The nuts contain nutrients such as the amino acid L-arginine whose effects on the body reduce the level of liver poisoning.

This, added to its content of fiber and omega 3 fatty acids, makes it a good option to stimulate the purification of this vital organ.

Its consumption in minimum doses promotes the control of cholesterol and supports the process of digestion of fats.

3. Apples

7 superfoods that will help you to purify the liver naturally

Apples are one of the superfoods that should not be missing in the diet.

Known for years for their medicinal properties, they are ideal for cleaning the liver and improving the activity of the gallbladder.

Rich in pectin, a type of soluble fiber, is a food that promotes the cleansing of , removing accumulated toxins in the colon and liver.

Its intake decreases the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), and reduces the overload of tasks that the liver suffers when having to metabolize it.

It also provides malic acid, a natural nutrient that facilitates the expulsion of carcinogenic compounds and toxins retained in the blood.

4. Citrus fruits

All varieties of citrus fruits contain essential oils and antioxidant vitamins that stimulate the natural cleansing of the liver and inflammation.

Its high contribution of vitamin C increases the immune response of the body and prevents the development of infections and serious pathologies.

It also improves the synthesis of toxic materials and promotes their elimination through the digestive processes.

5. Avocados

7 superfoods that will help you to purify the liver naturally

The promote health and cleanliness of the liver.

Outstanding for its content of essential amino acids, fiber and antioxidants, it is an ideal ingredient to remove toxins retained in the body.

It provides glutathione, a compound required by the liver to remove foreign agents and accumulated toxins.

Its concentration of omega 3 fatty acids facilitates the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL) and plays an important role in the regulation of inflammatory processes.

6. Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the healthiest fats that can be added to the diet to protect liver health.

Contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and depurative substances that promote the cleaning of the blood for proper elimination of toxins.

Their essential fatty acids control the levels of (LDL) and improve the arterial health to reduce the cardiac risk.

Its contribution of vitamin E and amino acids create a protective barrier against free radicals, decreasing the risk of cancer and chronic conditions.

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7. Tomatoes

7 superfoods that will help you to purify the liver naturally

Tomatoes contain lycopene and essential amino acids that, after being absorbed, promote the proper functioning of the liver for optimum elimination of waste.

Its contribution of glutathione, a powerful protein, confers detoxifying effects that help improve liver functions.

It also contains flavonoids and beta-carotene, improve circulation and protection against free radicals.

To keep the liver healthy and free of toxins, increases the consumption of these foods and reinforces their effects by avoiding bad habits such as alcohol and cigarette consumption.

7 superfoods that will help you to purify the liver naturally