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7 symptoms of not drinking enough water

Most people do not drink enough water and they know it . However, they do not usually give it enough importance, because they are unaware of the negative effects of dehydration on health.

Discover in this article what are the 7 most common but unknown symptoms of not drinking enough water throughout the day.

Did you know that it may be the cause of your skin problems, back pain or excess appetite?

Do you drink enough water?

The amount of glasses of water that we must drink throughout the day, outside of the meals, will vary according to the age, the time of year, the rhythm of life, etc.

However, we can say that it would be about 8 glasses a day .

We can drink 2 glasses on an empty stomach, 3 glasses at mid-morning and 3 glasses in the afternoon. We will always do it outside of the food so as not to hinder digestion. drink.html? src = mYb6W8439rqWjmCAJMhm1g-1-8

1. Torticollis

One of the most surprising symptoms of not drinking enough water is the kidney is related to pains in the neck area.

In this way we can conclude that the solution for the torticollis will go through drinking a lot of water in small drinks throughout the day.

If you suffer torticollis frequently, among other remedies, get used to drinking water and take care of the function of the kidneys with medicinal infusions and onion broths.

2. Dry skin and eczema

is a fairly obvious symptom of lack of hydration. Although it is also related to a poor diet in essential fatty acids, water is essential for healthy, elastic and luminous skin.

Eczema can also improve or even disappear if we drink enough water throughout the day.

3. Premature wrinkles

Aging is characterized by a loss of water present in our body .

When losing hydration, our skin is predisposed to suffer

Drinking water is, therefore, an anti-aging remedy much more effective than most facial creams , since the most important hydration is achieved internally.

4. Dark circles

Those who suffer know how difficult it is to eliminate them and usually limit themselves to makeup so they do not show.

However, these dark marks that appear under the eyes may indicate some deficiencies, including hydration.

If we drink enough water and we still have dark circles we will improve the function of the liver and kidneys with some type of treatment or purifying treatment.

5. Constipation

The important thing is to determine the cause , which may be related to poor fiber intake, emotional issues or stress, or a weakened liver function.

There is a less known cause of constipation that is the lack of hydration in people who have a diet rich in fiber.

To digest the fiber well we must drink enough water. Otherwise, the only thing we get is worse constipation and even feel more bloated.

6. Lumbar discomfort

Many people feel pain or discomfort in the upper part of the lower back quite often. Although they can be muscular problems, in that zone the kidneys are located , that also can be the cause of the malaise.

  • Sometimes the kidneys become inflamed or give alarm signals because of the presence of stones.
  • Whatever the cause, drinking water will help us improve its function, reduce inflammation and eliminate stones and grit in the most natural way.

7. Excess of appetite

If you are trying to lose weight and you can not control your appetite, you should know that lack of hydration can be one of the reasons you are always hungry or want to peck.

When we are thirsty, sometimes, we do not understand well the need that our body has and we usually opt for food.

One of the best ways to know if we have an excess of appetite for not drinking too much water is to drink a glass every time we feel like eating.

We can also get used to drinking a glass of water half an hour before each meal .

7 symptoms of not drinking enough water