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7 things that affect liver health without drinking alcohol

The good functioning of the liver is crucial to have a good quality of life. This organ, which is the second largest after the skin, has the ability to to remove toxins that accumulate in the body.

Among other things, it is key to the metabolic activity and the production of some hormones.

Despite this, he is not exempt from suffering from illnesses and, unfortunately, many of the habits we practice can affect his health.

Excessive consumption of alcohol is the best known way to deteriorate it , since it hinders their work and causes damage to their tissues.

In addition, there are other things that, although they are overlooked, also influence the reduction of their functions.

Below we share in detail the 7 main ones so that you try to avoid them.

1. Consumption of processed foods

7 things that affect liver health without drinking alcohol

The regular consumption of processed foods can influence the appearance of liver problems , due to its high content of chemical additives and saturated fats.

Although they look fresh and represent a fast food option, they contain toxins and harmful components that affect the health of the tissues of this organ.

Its high contribution of calories and carbohydrates overloads its functions and, with the passage of time, leads to problems such as fatty liver.

2. Excessive intake of analgesics

While it is very easy to buy

Although they are effective in soothing headaches or general malaise, it must be considered that their chemical components can affect the liver.

This happens especially when they are swallowed to overcome a hangover, as it causes an excess of work on the organ and deteriorates their tissues.

3. Overweight and obesity

7 things that affect liver health without drinking alcohol

Great care! In addition to affecting the figure, excess body weight brings serious consequences on liver health.

Both overweight and obesity can hinder the functions of this organ, and increase the accumulation of toxins in the blood.

These are associated with non-alcoholic steatosis , a disease that indicates the accumulation of a lot of fat in your tissues.

Without timely treatment, this condition can cause cancer, cirrhosis and liver

The most worrisome is that it is a pathology that usually does not manifest with initial symptoms , which makes a rapid diagnosis difficult.

4. Sedentary

We know that sedentary lifestyle is closely related to overweight.

However, it should be done a special section, since it is a lifestyle with a lot of impact on health.

Staying inactive increases the tendency to suffer from oxidative stress and, in addition, causes inflammatory and metabolic problems.

In the case of the liver, it influences its main functions, since it diminishes its ability to filter toxins and break down fats.

As a result of this, problems such as fatty liver and stones in the gallbladder are generated.

5. Do not eat breakfast well

7 things that affect liver health without drinking alcohol

Ignoring the first meal can interfere with the functions of the metabolism and, in turn, cause a reduction in the working capacity of the liver.

This is because breakfast provides energy to the cells, in addition to optimizing the functions of all the major systems of the body.

Those who are used to fasting feel more

6. Consumption of slimming supplements

In dozens of opportunities they have highlighted the importance of losing weight in a healthy way, trying to avoid the popular miracle methods.

The industry has taken advantage of the desire of many to lose weight, launching slimming products on the market that are not entirely good.

Although it is true that they can help to lose accumulated fat, some contain chemicals that increase the level of toxicity in the liver.

This, although it is not perceived immediately, leaves sequels that are manifested with health problems and difficulties in its functioning.

7. Intake of other medications

7 things that affect liver health without drinking alcohol

Some medications, such as those used to treat seizures and a substance that has deleterious effects on the liver.

These should be taken under medical supervision and in moderate amounts, since their side effects are dangerous.

Other drugs that also affect liver health are:

  • Carbamazepine
  • Phenytoin
  • Levofloxacin
  • Moxifloxacin

As you can see, in addition to alcoholic beverages, there are many factors that can interrupt the functions of this body.

Try to avoid them to the maximum to avoid the development of .

7 things that affect liver health without drinking alcohol