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7 tips to save a naturally damaged hair

Although we do not believe it, the hair suffers the consequences of poor diet,

It is also affected by hormonal changes, weather, dyes and hair treatments with aggressive products, the dryer, etc.

All these factors act against us and result in a damaged, devitalized, dry and dull hair.

Discover in this article the 7 essential tips to end abused hair and get a hydrated, soft and beautiful mane .

1. Egg yolk, olive oil and lemon

With three homemade and natural ingredients we can prepare a homemade nutritive and repairing mask to combat damaged hair. It will also help us prevent the fall and brings shine and smoothness.


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (32 g)
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (30 ml)

Benefits of the egg

  • In this case we will use the egg yolk, raw. This ingredient is rich in healthy fats that nourish the hair in depth.
  • It also provides vitamins (A, riboflavin, folic acid, B6 and B12) and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus or potassium.

Benefits of olive oil

  • To obtain the maximum benefits we will try to choose an extra virgin olive oil, from first cold extraction.
  • This oil gives us essential fatty acids very suitable to repair the hair fibers , close the cuticle and give the hair an extra shine and softness.

Benefits of lemon juice

You did not know?

7 tips to save a naturally damaged hair


  • We will beat these ingredients well and we will apply the mixture, first by the roots and then by the rest of the hair.
  • We will do it, if possible, at bedtime, to leave this mask throughout the night . We can use a plastic cap or a towel.
  • The next day we will wash our hair as usual, with our usual shampoo.

: Recuerda no utilizar agua caliente para evitar que el huevo se cocine, ya que sería más difícil retirarlo. Note : Remember not to use hot water to prevent the egg from cooking, as it would be more difficult to remove it.

2. Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil has the same texture and consistency as the natural sebum of the hair, because it is an excellent product to nourish damaged or dry hair without greasing it.

We will always apply it to wet hair, in small quantities, or only at the tips, at any time of the day, to prevent them from opening .

3. A balanced diet

7 tips to save a naturally damaged hair

The feeding is fundamental to have a healthy and beautiful hair, since we need to obtain the necessary nutrients to avoid suffering from deficiencies. Our diet must be complete:

We will avoid dairy, sugar, refined flours and excess salt.

4. Biotin supplement

For people who want to prevent falling or have healthier hair, we recommend taking a biotin supplement from time to time.

We can find this vitamin in some of the foods that we have commented:

  • Yolk
  • Liver
  • Beer yeast
  • Whole grains
  • Mushrooms

Biotin provides in food or as a supplement.

Although there are some shampoos that claim to contain biotin, most of them do not have this vitamin among its components, and its effectiveness is not confirmed if we apply it in this way.

5. Brush it every night

7 tips to save a naturally damaged hair

Brushing our hair every night like the princesses of some stories is not ridiculous advice, but a remedy to have a much softer and nourished hair.

With this simple habit we distribute the natural sebum of the hair from the root to the tips , so that we avoid the imbalance of fat roots and dry ends.

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6. Protect it from the sun

Exposure to the sun can be very damaging to the hair and weaken it progressively. We can use hats or caps, as well as the jojoba oil that we have discussed.

7. Cut the damaged hair

Although we do not want to cut our hair, if our tips are dry or open we will not get it to grow either , so we should cut them a little every one or two months, even if it is only one centimeter.

In addition, we will choose days of crescent moon, which is the most favorable time for hair to grow fast and strong under the influence of the moon.

With all these tips we will get a spectacular mane in a short time.

7 tips to save a naturally damaged hair