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7 toxic objects in your house

You have to be careful with certain objects that we can find in practically any home and that, however, are toxic.

Here are some of them. Take note and keep it in mind.

1. Products made with wood chipboard

Why are products made with wood chipboard hazardous?

The shavings that contain both wood and sawdust are usually glued with urea formaldehyde resins, that is, with a type of poison that directly affects the respiratory tract and the eyes.

Likewise, it can cause problems also in animals.

This risk will increase if the furniture is old, since the new ones are regulated by more modern standards and not all use these products.

What can you do?

  • To know if your furniture is safe you will have to verify the certificates of the product, according to European standards, the materials with which the wood is made, etc.
  • It must be remembered that they must have an emission class that is not greater than E1.

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2. Carpets

7 toxic objects in your house

Why are they dangerous?

Carpets have different types of adhesives and dyes. These products release volatile organic compounds that can lead from headaches to allergies and fatigue.

The carpet is especially harmful because, unlike carpets, it covers the entire floor and sticks to it. This still makes it more difficult to eliminate dust mites that can cause allergy and asthma.

What can you do?

  • If your carpet is very old, what you can do is buy one that is made with natural materials that are not treated.
  • It is recommended that you avoid large sizes of carpets, because it will be more complicated to clean them.

3. Laser printers

Laser printers emit tiny particles in the air that are derived from the printing powder. These particles penetrate the lungs and this can lead to a series of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

What can you do?

  • It is best to place your laser printer at home in a well-ventilated room.

4. Baby bottles

7 toxic objects in your house

The bottles are usually made of polycarbonate plastic. This plastic type is made with a chemical known as bisphenol A (BPA).

  • It is a type of plastic that has a structure very similar to estrogen and is known as “hormone destroyer”. This plastic cause a serious hormonal disorder in the child.

What can you do?

The best thing you can do is look for an alternative that is made with safe materials and check the labeling beforehand to look at its composition.

5. Mattresses

Many mattresses have a high level of polybrominated diphenyl ether, a product whose exposure causes health problems.

  • These damages include from cerebral ailments to a decrease in reproductive function, and even thyroid problems.
  • This material is especially dangerous for the little ones.

What can you do?

Old mattresses are the most likely to contain these substances. In the case that you have not changed your mattress for a long time, it is better to change it for one made with natural products.

6. Tuppers

7 toxic objects in your house

The tuppers are usually made with plastic. That is, they are made from a material that has numerous chemical products, such as phthalates.

This substance can affect the endocrine system, the reproductive system and cause high blood pressure as well as insulin resistance.

What can you do?

  • As much as possible, substitute plastic tuppers for glass or ceramic containers. Otherwise, choose lunch boxes made of polyethylene or polypropylene.
  • Do not forget that you should never heat the food in the microwave inside a container made of fine plastic.

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7. Softener for clothes

Softeners for clothes seem to leave the clothes softer but they are really covering them with a thin layer of toxic chemicals .

These can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems and headaches.

What can you do?

Although if you do not use more than the account its use is safe, it is best to avoid using it with children’s clothes.

You can always opt for some natural remedy to improve the smell of clothes.

7 toxic objects in your house