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7 types of envious people

We speak of healthy Envy is a desire to have or do what the other person has achieved . This makes us feel bad, although sometimes we take it as an impulse to achieve our own goals.

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Anyway, we must get away from the envious people , although the worst evil is suffered by them. We have to identify them and know how to be indifferent, so that they do not affect us and do not interfere in our achievements.

Types of envious people

Envy is considered negative when in addition to craving what the other seeks to do some kind of damage . Whether manipulating , criticizing or using some mechanism so that the other does not feel worthy of its success.

7 types of envious people

Within this type of negative envy that we all see with bad eyes, we find 7 types of envious people that we must know how to identify. Surely some sound and even face them:

1. The sadistic-sarcastic

This type of person takes everything with a lot of humor, but they give themselves away when they emit sarcastic smiles that are the prelude to a big bomb.

They try to camouflage the negative with the positive, so they say phrases such as “Thank you, but you could have asked me what was my favorite drink before bringing me one”.

2. The direct bullet

She is the one who does not hesitate to throw her dart directly with something related to your physique, such as “You have thrown ass!”. They tend to be very insecure about themselves and their bodies, they need to make you feel bad and so you do not enjoy or agree with what you have.

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3. The one that suppurates negativity

This type of envious do not cease to say one negative word after another . For example, if you say that you have found a job they will tell you that you will never get an indefinite contract, that they will throw you out at the slightest opportunity , and so on. In short, they manage to get depressed especially when you find yourself full of happiness.

7 types of envious people

4. The sweet assassin

The sweet assassin is that person who starts slowly until it ends up destroying you completely. This way, if you tell her to dress quickly, she will do it slowly so you can be late when you have to go. In short, it is subtle and hurts you without your expecting it .

5. The meddlesome

The nosy person lives sniffing where he should not, in everyone’s life. At first you may not perceive them as a meddlesome person, but as someone who just wants to help . But, you will realize that he is hiding something and that is when he will start to make you feel bad. It is getting into your life!

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6. The egotist

The egomaniac person always has things better than yours . If your dog is big he will be more, if your room is bright, yours more. They are not satisfied with what they have and they want to pretend otherwise. Of course, they are very seductive as well as liars , a double-edged sword.

7 types of envious people

7. The one that lurks

It is the person who is neither against you nor with you. It is simply secluded, absent, observing all your movements. This way, when something bad happens to you, you loose a “See? I told you so.” They just wait, silently, to attack at the precise moment .

Why will they envy me?

If you have suffered from any of the people mentioned above, you may wonder why they will envy you, why they want to hurt you if you live your life without getting into others’ lives. The answer is simple, they are not happy with their life and far from fixing this they get into yours.

It is important to know how to get away from these people who will only bring us headaches and torments . We can not make them change their minds, because only they must realize at the precise moment that envy is not the way.

Envy is something toxic, something that should be eradicated because it undermines us, frustrates us, makes us feel little valued. Envy is the consolation of those who do not know how to accept themselves as they are , who project on others the damage they once suffered.

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7 types of envious people

We must feel sorry for the envious ones because they suffer in their life , they have many problems and the evil they cause is the result of their inner discouragement. But, this does not justify that you should let them enter your life and hurt you. It’s time for your feet to stop.

7 types of envious people