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7 ways to start the day right to fight stress and anxiety

Stress is part of our life. This natural emotion acts as a survival mechanism in the human being: it activates us to be able to adapt much better to those daily challenges that lie ahead.

We must be able to see that stress, well managed and controlled, is positive : it acts as that energy capable of giving us strength and encouragement to solve problems, to better respond to the small adversities of day to day life.

However, the problem comes when we stop managing, when tension builds up , when the brain only sees dangers and does not rationalize them.

, el dolor muscular, las cefaleas, la hipertensiónDay by day, that stress becomes chronic until you fall into a state of absolute helplessness where anxiety , muscle pain, headaches, hypertension

To avoid or minimize these realities we propose you to put these 7 tips into practice.

There are 7 ideas that we can follow in the morning. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and start to face the day in a healthier way .

1. Get up a little before

We know that it is not easy, that taking away an hour of sleep is not something we can do every day.

However, try at least half an hour. The reasons why we should get up a bit earlier are multiple and very interesting:

  • It will allow you to slow down and go more calmly (leaving home in a hurry increases stress).
  • Getting up earlier and more relaxed helps us to be more present, to be aware of the here and now.
  • We can devote more time to some simple exercises with which to manage stress and anxiety .

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2. Drink a glass of water in small sips

7 ways to start the day right to fight stress and anxiety

The key to managing daily stress is to slow down and develop a fuller, more serene and intuitive awareness of your own needs.

  • We spent the day pending from those outbreaks : what others expect from us, what we still need to do, what we must accomplish.
  • , hacia ese cuerpo y esa mente que necesita purificarse y oxigenarse. We have to change the chip and direct our gaze towards the inside , towards that body and that mind that needs to be purified and oxygenated.
  • One way to achieve this is by taking a glass of water on an empty stomach. Drink it slowly, without hurry.

3. Meditate for 5 minutes

7 ways to start the day right to fight stress and anxiety

Meditation improves our quality of life and has a very beneficial impact on our brain. It relaxes us, allows us to relativize tensions, attend to our inner being and channel anxiety.

Now, something we should be aware of is that meditation is trained every day .

The benefits are not seen in the first week, but after a time, when our mind has learned to disconnect from the outside to connect with the inside.

4. Do some exercise for 10 minutes

You only need 10 minutes of your time. Once you get up, drink that glass of water and meditate, nothing better than doing some push-ups, walking, jumping rope …

Choose what best suits your possibilities and that it is not too intense.

The blood circulation will be more optimal, our heart will be strengthened day by day and we will face the side effects of stress more effectively.

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5. An anti-stress breakfast

7 ways to start the day right to fight stress and anxiety

To start the day in the best way it is necessary to take care of our nutrition too.

There are foods that, thanks to their high content of antioxidants, vitamins and proteins, allow us to raise our defenses so that the ability to respond to stress is appropriate.

Take note of which ones can help us and start including them in your breakfasts:

  • Oats
  • Oranges
  • Eggs
  • Dark chocolate
  • Avocados
  • Blueberries
  • Nuts
  • An infusion of chamomile

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6. Visualize your day

A fabulous strategy for coping with everyday stress is to visualize our day. Think about how you want it to be:

  • Today my day will be calm.
  • Nothing or nobody is going to disturb my inner peace.
  • I will be able to with my day and nothing will have the power to hurt me.
  • I know what my strengths are, I know what I am worth and nothing and nobody is going to make me feel weak .
  • Today my day will have a few hours in which I will fulfill my responsibilities, but I also allow myself a time for me, to be me, to relax and practice my hobbies.

7. Leave home “nourished” with positive emotions

7 ways to start the day right to fight stress and anxiety

It is not nonsense. Think about it, how many times have we left home with a bad mood?

A discussion with our partner, the rush with our children or even our own thoughts that our day is going to be horrible increase, without doubt, the feeling of stress.

  • Try to leave the house with a good load of positive emotions in your personal backpack.
  • Say goodbye to your family with a “I love you”, with those words that stay in the heart and that give us encouragement for the whole day.
  • Convince yourself that everything is going to go well, and that you deserve to be happy. A calm mind attracts balance to your life.

Do not hesitate to put these tips into practice.

7 ways to start the day right to fight stress and anxiety