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7 ways your body tells you something is wrong with your thyroid

tiroides está localizada en la parte frontal del cuello y posee una forma que es parecida a una pequeña mariposa. The thyroid gland is located on the front of the neck and has a shape that is similar to a small butterfly.

Despite the size of this gland, it exerts an important function in the body and any imbalance can cause serious damage to your health.

It is hard to believe that this small organ can have an influence on our entire body. When she produces many hormones or decreases the production of these, a series of signs are triggered that warn you that something is wrong with your thyroid.

Here are seven signs with which you can identify when there is a problem.

1. Discomfort in the throat

7 ways your body tells you something is wrong with your thyroid

esta glándula está localizada cerca de la garganta . As we mentioned before, this gland is located near the throat . That’s why when something goes wrong you can feel constantly:

  • cuello o mucha molestia a la altura de esta región. Pain in the neck or much discomfort to the height of this region.
  • Constant sore throats or some type of inflammation in this area.
  • Changes in the voice

If you notice these symptoms on a regular basis, see your doctor as soon as possible. Although it may be easier for you to take some medication that calms the discomfort, this only makes the problem worse.

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2. Difficulties of concentration

The brain can become much more confusing with age, but if this situation suddenly becomes more intense, you lack concentration or you forget things daily take precautions.

menopausia oa otros problemas. Many women associate this type of problem with menopause or other problems.

las alteraciones hormonales en la tiroides también puede dificultar la concentración . However, hormonal changes in the thyroid can also make concentration difficult .

When patients with hypothyroidism receive adequate treatment, they are always surprised how quickly their memory returns to normal. First of all, it is important that you go to your doctor before self-diagnosing.

Even if you are entering menopause you should not settle for believing that this stage is the cause of all your ills.

3. Hair loss and dry skin

7 ways your body tells you something is wrong with your thyroid

cabello es normal, especialmente en invierno o primavera. Hair loss is normal, especially in winter or spring. If hair loss becomes very pronounced or extends at times outside of these seasons, that may indicate that something is wrong with your thyroid.

el cambio en la textura de la piel a una más seca y con picazón es el resultado de un metabolismo más lento que reduce el sudor. On the other hand, the change in the texture of the skin to a more dry and itchy is the result of a slower metabolism that reduces sweating. One of the causes are changes in the secretion of hormones in the thyroid.

This symptom may be accompanied by the interruption of the hair growth cycle.

4. Changes in your weight

The increase or loss of weight for no apparent reason when there are no alterations in the diet or in day-to-day activities should be a cause for concern . This is one of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism.

It occurs when the thyroid gland is working poorly and decelerates the entire organism. This causes you to feel the food with a different flavor because your senses are altered (not only the taste, but also the touch and smell).

5. Constant tiredness

Drowsiness and increasing the number of hours you sleep per night can be a sign that something is wrong with your thyroid. Decelerating the body’s functions by lowering hormones causes a constant feeling of fatigue .

In addition to that, the appearance of muscle aches and unexplained cramps can also be another sign.

The lack of thyroid hormone can alter the nerves that send signals from the brain to the rest of the body. This causes cramping or a touch sensation in various parts of the body.

However, it must be borne in mind that these last two problems are also constant in patients with diabetes who do not take care of themselves as they should. In any case, take note of the symptoms and do not forget to discuss them with your doctor.

6. Alterations of mood and pressure in the belly

7 ways your body tells you something is wrong with your thyroid

The deficit or excess of hormones torideas in the body can make you very irritable, anxious and agitated. puedes sentir tristeza constante y depresión porque se alteran los niveles de serotonina en el cerebro. You can also feel constant sadness and depression because serotonin levels in the brain are altered .

As if that were not enough, when something is wrong with your thyroid you will have difficulties in digestion and belly pressure that is not eliminated with a balanced diet and physical exercise.

7. Palpitations, high blood pressure and other symptoms

Palpitations that make pulses in the neck can be a symptom that the thyroid is not working as it should. High blood pressure often accompanies palpitations and causes the levels of bad cholesterol to rise.

Problems in the thyroid hinder any treatment, so it will not be enough to exercise and eat healthy.

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Listen to the warning signals of your thyroid

As you can see, the thyroid can cause several problems, from changes in the body, such as getting fat or losing weight quickly, to more serious symptoms. If you miss these signals, the problem can continue to worsen.

The problems of this gland are more common from the age of 35 and attack mostly women.

It is estimated that in the world there are 300 million people with hypothyroidism who, with the help of medicines, manage to lead a normal life.

7 ways your body tells you something is wrong with your thyroid