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8 benefits of eating pineapple habitually

Pineapple is one of the most delicious tropical fruits we can eat . y aquí te las decimos. In addition to its flavor, there are several good reasons to eat and here we tell you.

One of the best things about pineapple is that you can include it in your diet in different ways:

  • Fresh
  • In juice
  • Cooked
  • Canned

When you eat pineapple you get minerals, vitamins, as well as soluble and insoluble fibers and bromelain.

All these are essential for your body to function correctly. In addition, they help you:

1. Improve your immune system

A serving of pineapple contains 130% of the recommended daily amount of , making it one of its richest sources.

Vitamin C is associated with the reduction of diseases, the stimulation of your immune system and fights free radicals for being a powerful antioxidant.

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2. Prevents cancer

8 benefits of eating pineapple habitually

In addition to the protection of vitamin C against free radicals, eating pineapple can help you in the fight against cancer. This, thanks to other antioxidants that contains:

  • Vitamin A
  • Beta-carotene
  • Bromelain
  • Various flavonoid compounds
  • High levels of manganese

el manganeso de la piña evita en gran medida los efectos de los radicales libres sobre las células . It is important to mention that the manganese of the pineapple largely avoids the effects of free radicals on the cells .

This means that healthy cells do not mutate into cancer cells, especially those that cause cancer of the mouth, throat or breast.

3. Improve your digestion

Like many other fruits, pineapple is full of both soluble and insoluble fiber. For this reason, eating pineapple in the proper amounts can protect you against:

comer piña estimula los movimientos peristálticos y la liberación de jugos gástricos que te ayudan a disolver mejor los alimentos. In addition, eating pineapple stimulates peristaltic movements and the release of gastric juices that help you dissolve foods better.

4. Fight cough and cold

8 benefits of eating pineapple habitually

Bromelain obtained by eating pineapple reduces the phlegm and mucus that accumulate in the respiratory tract and nasal sinuses.

For this reason, it helps to avoid the diseases that cause this type of symptoms and supports the body in the process of eliminating mucus and to reduce infection.

5. Helps maintain strong bones

The high content of help them regenerate in case of damage and for those who are still growing.

Manganese is the most abundant mineral in pineapple. Therefore, by consuming a portion of this fruit will make you ingest more than 70% of your daily requirement of this essential mineral.

6. Preserve the health of your eyes

8 benefits of eating pineapple habitually

The sense of sight is one of the most important for human beings and the pineapple does an excellent job when it comes to helping you take care of it.

This is because eating pineapple is closely related to the prevention of some eye deficiencies that can be caused by age.

l beta-caroteno de la piña ayuda a retrasar los problemas de la . Macular degeneration affects many elderly people, but e l beta-carotene Pineapple helps delay the problems of .

If you make sure you include the right amounts of beta-carotene in your diet and you will continue to see the world well in your old age.

7. Regulates blood pressure

Do you remember that we mentioned potassium among the nutrients that the pineapple contained? Well, this is one of the most important minerals for the body. Potassium is an important vasodilator.

This means that it helps your blood vessels to be free from tension and stress. In addition, it promotes a better circulation of your blood.

When your blood vessels are relaxed, you can:

  • High blood pressure stays under control.
  • It prevents the formation of clots that could block blood flow.
  • The buildup of plaque in your is reduced .
  • Prevent serious diseases such as arteriosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

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8. Help manage and control arthritis 8 benefits of eating pineapple habitually

This is perhaps one of the most famous uses of pineapple in terms of health. Eating pineapple can help reduce inflammation of the joints and muscles , particularly those affected by arthritis.

Thanks to bromelain, which is usually associated mainly with breaking protein complexes, pineapple has great anti-inflammatory effects.

These effects prevent intense pain and help to reduce discomfort. This means that you can perform your activities more comfortably.

Avoid excesses when eating pineapple

While it is true that pineapple is a fruit with innumerable benefits, we can not forget its contribution of sugar. . Therefore, it is important that by consuming it you make sure to measure the .

A serving of pineapple is equivalent to what fits in a small cup . In case of consuming it in juice, it is a good idea to combine it with some vegetables.

8 benefits of eating pineapple habitually