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8 interesting benefits that lentils offer you

Lentils, whose scientific name is Lens culinaris, are one of the legumes that have been incorporated into the regular diet of many cultures , due to their important contribution of essential nutrients.

It is believed that they are native to Southwest Asia, although their crops spread throughout the Mediterranean, America and many other corners of the world.

Low in calories and rich in fiber, amino acids and antioxidants, are a great food supplement that can provide multiple benefits to the body.

Although they can be found in different varieties, all are characterized by being an important source of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that, among other things, help maintain an optimal level of

Taking into account that many still ignore their properties, in the next space we want to share 8 good reasons to add them in the diet.

1. Prevent constipation

8 interesting benefits that lentils offer you

Digestive health gets interesting benefits when lentils are included in the regular diet.

  • Its dietary fiber supports the process of digestion of food and, in turn, promotes the activity of the intestine for optimal elimination of waste.
  • It serves as food for healthy colon bacteria and, if that is not enough, avoids chronic episodes of constipation.

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2. Help reduce blood glucose

Unlike simple carbohydrate sources, lentils are useful in the processes that regulate blood glucose.

  • Their slowly absorbed carbohydrates, among which starch stands out, support the processes that transform sugars into energy sources , decreasing the risk of

3. Improve cardiovascular health

8 interesting benefits that lentils offer you

This variety of legumes has no cholesterol or harmful fats, which makes them healthy for the heart and arteries.

  • They have a small amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help to remove the harmful lipids that form plaque in the arteries.
  • Its fiber reduces the absorption of fat and cholesterol in the intestine, avoiding disorders such as hypercholesterolemia.

4. They favor the formation of muscle mass

It is not strange that this food is part of the diet of athletes and fitness lovers, since its consumption is beneficial for the formation and strengthening of muscle mass.

  • It contains proteins of high biological value, which interfere in the recovery of muscles after high-impact physical activity.
  • Its slow-absorbing carbohydrates increase the energy level and improve .

5. Combat anemia

8 interesting benefits that lentils offer you

Lentils provide a significant amount of iron, magnesium and zinc, essential minerals that help restore health in patients with anemia.

  • These participate in the formation of red blood cells in the blood , which decrease when this disease occurs.
  • Its absorption in adequate amounts supports cellular work and reduces the symptoms of fatigue.

6. Support weight loss

Although it is not correct to think that lentils do miracles to lose weight, it is good to know that they are very supportive during this process.

  • Being a low-calorie and nutrient-rich food, it is a great complement to lose weight without going hungry or suffer from deficiencies.
  • Its fat content is almost nil, so you can eat without fear of fattening.
  • Its fiber helps prolong the , which is key to curbing food cravings.

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7. They protect the nervous system

8 interesting benefits that lentils offer you

Adding this food in the diet plan is ideal to avoid disorders in the nervous system.

  • Its high contribution of vitamins of the B complex improves the connection of nerve cells , decreasing their deterioration by the action of free radicals.
  • It helps to prevent nervousness and promotes the segregation of the

8. Take care of the health of the skin and hair

The vitamins, minerals and amino acids of this ingredient influence, in some way, the care of the skin and hair.

  • Its assimilation improves the cell regeneration process , which is key to prevent premature aging.
  • They are useful to accelerate the recovery of the skin in cases of wounds, since they contain proteins and vitamin E.
  • Its essential minerals strengthen hair and prevent excessive hair loss.

How often do you consume them? Now that you know how good they are for your body, encourage them to incorporate lentils in your diet plan, at least 2 times a week.

Keep in mind that, although they are very beneficial, they are not recommended in cases of gout, arthritis or problems derived from uric acid , due to their contribution of

8 interesting benefits that lentils offer you