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8 makeup tips for dark skinned girls

If you’re looking for a bit, you’ll find a lot of makeup tips for white-skinned girls. las chicas de piel oscura tienen necesidades particulares para lucir perfectas . However, dark-skinned girls have particular needs to look perfect .

The good news is that achieving the makeup that makes you look ideal is possible without spending a lot of money or time.

Do not you believe us? Keep reading that we will give you some good advice.

1. Prepare your face for makeup

8 makeup tips for dark skinned girls

It is often thought that dark-skinned girls have fewer problems with the texture of their skin, but this is totally false.

las manchas, los puntos negros y el acné pueden ser más visibles que en tonos medios. In fact, spots, blackheads and acne may be more visible than in midtones. To make sure your makeup lasts and stays properly, make sure:

By exfoliating the skin, you release the pores and close gradually, so the makeup will look more natural.

  • Apply a cleansing gel to refresh the skin daily. Ideally, you should clean your face twice a day : in the morning and at night. To obtain ideal results, choose a gel or soap suitable for your skin type.
  • Use a toning lotion to control the fat and remove excess shine after cleaning the face.
  • Finish by applying a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses, try a quality BB cream . These hydrate, make up and usually have sunscreen.

The latter is fundamental if you choose this type of product.

Your face will appreciate these care and your skin will highlight your best features.

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2. Use sunscreen

Although dark skinned girls have greater resistance to the effects of the sun, you should never leave home without applying a little of this product, as your skin is .

elige una crema facial o BB cream con un FPS de 15 como mínimo. If you have oily skin or you do not like the texture that this product leaves, choose a facial cream or BB cream with an SPF of at least 15.

3. Unify the tones of your skin

8 makeup tips for dark skinned girls

If you are one of the girls with dark skin you have noticed that your face tends to have white or lighter areas than the rest. To make sure that your you should apply it on the skin of a single tone .

To do this, always use a base as close to the natural tone of your skin. If you find it difficult to identify the correct tonality, compare the color of the skin of your face with that of the body to identify the most similar.

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4. Applies blush in the correct tone

tonos miel, caramelo y melocotón . Dark-skinned girls will achieve a perfect effect if they apply honey, caramel and peach tones . These illuminate without competing with the natural color of the skin.

oscuras. As for the orange or pink tones, it limits their use because, in general, they do not favor dark . These colors only work if your skin is in the clearest parameters, although you run the risk of seeing yourself recharged and not very harmonious.

5. Bet on the colors in the eyes

8 makeup tips for dark skinned girls

The eyes are always important when it comes to enhancing external beauty. In this sense, remember that warm tones are a more than safe bet for dark-skinned girls who prefer discreet and easy to wear make-up.

  • los azules, verdes y morados lucen increíbles en las pieles oscuras . If you are a bit more risky, you should know that blues, greens and purples look amazing in dark skins .
  • To wear an intense smoky makeup at night try dark gray and black tones combined with beige and gold tones to give light.

6. Keep your balance with your eyebrows

Dark-skinned girls should make sure their eyebrows stand out and frame the look. tupidas, mantenlas con una forma ancha y recta sin arquear demasiado para intensificar la mirada. If you have bushy , keep them in a wide, straight shape without arching too much to intensify the look.

utiliza un delineador similar al color natural de tu pelo para terminar de dibujarlas . In case you have few eyebrows, use an eyeliner similar to the natural color of your hair to finish drawing them .

7. Lips

8 makeup tips for dark skinned girls

The colors bronze, brown or intense red give the sensation of juicy and sensual lips in the dark skinned girls, as long as they do not overdo it. The best will always be to opt for a tone that illuminates the face without dulling the rest of the makeup .

In case you want to use shine, apply it only in the center of the lips to enhance without exaggeration.

8. Do not forget about the neck

A common mistake in dark skinned girls is to focus all their attention on the face when putting on makeup. también requiere cuidados básicos como la limpieza diaria y la aplicación de una base de maquillaje que unifique su color. However, your also requires basic care such as daily cleaning and the application of a makeup base that unifies its color.

Can you think of any other advice?

8 makeup tips for dark skinned girls