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8 signs that you have magnesium deficiency

Since we are little we are taught that we must eat vegetables to obtain the vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

We learn that we must consume enough vitamin C, iron and folic acid. ¿qué tanto te han hablado del magnesio? But how much have you been told about magnesium? Have they told you what their importance is?

The first thing you should know is that magnesium is a mineral. It is fundamental for the organism, because it affects:

That’s why we should not underestimate magnesium deficiency. Pay attention and if you present these signs, make sure you consume enough magnesium.

1. Muscle aches

8 signs that you have magnesium deficiency

Magnesium deficiency is one of the main causes of muscle pain. The symptoms that you must watch are:

  • The cramps
  • Muscle spasms
  • Tremors

el magnesio actúa en la oxigenación de los músculos haciendo que estos se relajen . This is because magnesium acts on the oxygenation of the muscles causing them to relax . Therefore when this mineral is missing the muscle spasms make their appearance.

If you notice that these problems have appeared and there is no other cause, increase the consumption of magnesium. In a short time you should notice the disappearance of the problem.

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2. Calcification of the arteries

Although this is not usually the first symptom of magnesium deficiency, it is one of the most dangerous.

Calcification of the arteries caused by low levels of magnesium can lead to coronary problems such as heart attacks and other .

In fact, half of all patients with heart attack receive injections of magnesium chloride. This is done in order to stop blood clotting and calcification.

3. Fatigue

This symptom is not usually taken into account because it is normal, especially if your schedule is usually full of commitments.

However, you should understand that feeling fatigue or wanting to vomit is extremely delicate when it becomes recurrent .

In this case it may be that your body needs to expel something that does not do well, or that it lacks some mineral such as magnesium.

If you present fatigue several times a day or week, the best thing you can do is start taking magnesium to rule out that you have deficiency of this mineral .

If it persists, visit your doctor.

4. Problems sleeping

8 signs that you have magnesium deficiency

At night magnesium levels tend to fall. de forma constante. If you add a deficiency to it, it is possible that you present constantly.

Magnesium also has a lot to do with what is the central nervous system , so it can generate that the conciliation of sleep is more difficult.

If you have tried everything to sleep better and simply do not succeed, try a food rich in this mineral or a nutritional supplement.

Remember that the best way to determine if this is the problem is with a medical study.

5. Chocolate craving

We know that particularly at this point many will say that they always have magnesium deficiency to be able to eat their favorite chocolate without remorse.

However, when we talk about “cravings” we do not say how much you normally want to eat a bit of candy.

Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium. cuando tenemos una deficiencia de este mineral nuestro cuerpo envía las señales de ansiedad para poder obtener lo que necesita . Therefore, when we have a deficiency of this mineral our body sends the signals of anxiety to get what you need .

6. Blood pressure problems

8 signs that you have magnesium deficiency

Those with an adequate magnesium intake have better blood pressure levels.

A the risk of hypertension is 70% lower in women with adequate magnesium levels.

So if you lead a healthy life, with regular and still have problems with blood pressure, it is recommended that you increase your magnesium intake .

Visit your doctor to verify your other values.

7. Lack of energy

Magnesium is necessary in the reactions that create energy in the cells .

ATP or adenosine triphosphate is the main source of energy in cells and must bind to a magnesium ion to activate.

In other words, without magnesium, you literally will not have energy at the cellular level. This is presented as:

If overnight you begin to feel that you have no energy to do what you previously considered normal , you may have low your magnesium values.

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8. Problems in your bone health

Calcium has always been considered the most important mineral for bone health, but it turns out that magnesium is just as important or even more.

In case of having low magnesium levels, bones suffer in multiple ways.

Magnesium is necessary for vitamin D to activate calcium absorption , so it is also important to get enough magnesium when taking vitamin D.

Magnesium is also necessary to stimulate calcitonin, which is the hormone that drains calcium from muscles and soft tissues and into bones.

This helps explain why magnesium helps reduce the risk of heart attack, osteoporosis,

8 signs that you have magnesium deficiency