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8 signs that you should drink water immediately

Water is a fundamental fluid for life . When we do not consume the necessary amount a series of negative reactions in our body are triggered.

It is estimated that it constitutes between 60 and 80% of our body mass , in addition to playing a major role in cardiocirculatory, renal and cerebral health.

The problem is that many people ignore how important it is to consume it every day and, without knowing it, develop a series of problems associated with

For this reason it is essential to increase consumption, especially when the symptoms begin to be evident.

Next we want to share 6 key signals to determine when it is necessary to take it immediately.

1. Palpitation and headache

8 signs that you should drink water immediately

The body works continuously not only with water, but also with mineral salts such as sodium and potassium.

Since liquids are essential to maintain the balance of these salts, dehydration causes a chemical reaction that makes the brain more sensitive.

This reacts by activating the headache, since low water levels decrease the oxygenation capacity.

Due to this it increases the tension in the blood vessels and increases the episodes of headaches and migraines.

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2. Sensation of hunger

The continuous is one of the most subtle signals of the body when it needs more fluids to work optimally.

If in spite of ingesting what is necessary during the day they feel desires to eat, especially foods based on water, it is probable that the organism is claiming more liquid.

The consumption of one or two liters of water a day is an excellent way to prolong the feeling of fullness to avoid excessive consumption of calories.

3. Changes in the color of urine

8 signs that you should drink water immediately

The changes in the color of the urine can be due to many factors and, among these, dehydration is one of the main ones.

The one that turns a dark yellow color means that it is overloaded with toxins , since the water helps to eliminate them.

Since the body is not well hydrated, the

As a consequence we can perceive a stronger smell, a decrease in its quantity and a dark tone.

In fact, it increases the susceptibility to urinary infections and symptoms such as burning when urinating occur.

4. Fatigue

Having a continuous feeling of tiredness, desire to sleep or weakness in the body is a sufficient reason to increase water consumption.

This fluid moves through the bloodstream to maintain balance in blood pressure.

Lacking it affects the volume of the blood, decreases the pressure and reduces the amount of oxygen to the cells and the

As a result, muscle and nerve activity is reduced, which results in episodes of fatigue.

5. Dry mouth

8 signs that you should drink water immediately

Having a dry mouth does not always mean the presence of a condition of care. While we should not rule out any possibility, it is almost always enough to ingest water to alleviate it.

Sometimes the dryness is accompanied by a slight inflammation of the lips and tongue, as well as the presence of dead skin.

The lips have a humid environment and, therefore, it is necessary to provide them with hydration through the consumption of this liquid.

6. Increase muscle cramps

In order to enjoy good is necessary to provide the body with an adequate balance between fluids and electrolytes.

A dehydrated body does not have the correct levels of mineral salts and, since it decreases sodium and potassium, muscle spasms increase and become stronger and stronger.

The little presence of water in the body causes involuntary spasms in one or more muscles of the body.

7. Dry skin

8 signs that you should drink water immediately

Aesthetically, we are all affected when we do not consume enough water. While there are many products to moisturize the skin from the outside, it is essential to consume fluids to keep it moist.

The lack of water prevents the correct cellular oxygenation and accelerates the aging process.

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8. Dry eyes

Dry eyes can be caused by an eye disease or sudden changes in climate, among others.

However, when none of these is the cause and the dryness is accompanied by is probably due to dehydration.

Do you consume enough water per day? If you have just identified one or several signs of dehydration, start considering the alternatives necessary to increase your fluid intake.

8 signs that you should drink water immediately