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8 types of couples: discover which one you are

Forming a union with someone to share is practically a goal for the common people. And so, different types of couples with defined characteristics appear on the scene. According to the way in which they choose to link their members or the quality that prevails can be considered one group or another.

Sometimes, two people give more importance to affection and trust, others to sexual intimacy or the commitment to be together, in spite of everything. When you decide to break one relationship and start with another, it will usually be the same type. And the reasons why this happens have cultural, family or situation bases.

It is true, the types of relationships can be determined with time and permanence. In the beginning, it is most likely that everything is the color of roses. Passion and romanticism occupy most of the time. But as it progresses it acquires the true dye and . This way you can hear comments such as “are they for what” or “how are they still together?”.

8 types of couples

1) Types of passionate couples

8 types of couples: discover which one you are

They are relationships in which lovers are often immersed in secret. As well as those who make dating a sexual caprice. It does not feel a commitment to share other activities or to be accompanied in its development. But desire or physical attraction is stronger than the rest of the components of a relationship.

2) Types of open couples

They are the opposite of the most conservative or traditional. They think that incorporating other experiences with third parties fuels the passion . Thus, in addition to having their own encounters and life together, other subrelations are allowed to each other.

Being with another does not reflect an

3) Types of sociable couples

8 types of couples: discover which one you are

In the usual way, love or passion no longer exists, they have allowed themselves to be overcome by time and routine. But, facing society, they have the need to continue together. Thus, on birthdays, cultural events or holidays appear to be the ideal couple. Although it is already clear that they are together only out of habit or fear of the social rejection of separation. They are types of couples that can also take interest.

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4) Types of possessive couples

Jealousy plays a fundamental role in this type of relationship. Those involved know absolutely everything about the partner, including the most intimate data. They share access codes to cell phones and computers, they go out and come back together and any secret can be a reason to break up. The contract is to have full knowledge of each movement and even thought of the other.

5) Types of empty couples

8 types of couples: discover which one you are

Many people prefer to be with someone with whom they have nothing in common before living in emotional the important thing is not to be alone . Finding someone to occupy a chair at the table each day upon returning from work is the only purpose.

6) Types of intellectual couples

There are few people who fail to take off their intellectual interest. Thus, outside the office, they choose to continue talking about the same interests or hobbies . And they base their relationships in the dialogue and the time dedicated to them. You can read together the current news of the profession. They even program their holidays related to the theme. Sex and .

7) Types of aggressive couples

8 types of couples: discover which one you are

Unfortunately, they are news every day and, in most cases, there are recurrences. The support is the continuous fight and end up destroying all the members of the family psychologically. Among the types of couples are the most

8) Types of mature couples

They are the beneficiaries of understanding that a future in company is armed with passion, confidence and commitment. They can go through bad times in the relationship, but always seek the solution with dialogue and patience.

It is a good day to recognize in what type of couple they interfere every time. Maybe, there are some changes to make to go to the one they consider ideal.

8 types of couples: discover which one you are