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8 uses of incense essential oil that you will like to know

The multiple uses of incense essential oil have been used since ancient times as part of alternative medicine and natural cosmetics. This product is obtained from the resin of the Boswellia Carterii tree or Boswellia Sacara , which is grown to a large extent in the Arab regions. In fact, it is one of the most revered ingredients in the Middle East, since it has been used for thousands of years in religious ceremonies.

Its applications have spread throughout the world and today is listed as one of the best They continue to use it in their countries of origin, but it has also spread to other places in the world. Have you still not tried it at home? If you do not know what their main uses are, do not miss the information that we share below.

Uses of incense essential oil that you should know

The incense essential oil can be used by inhalation or absorption through the skin. It is almost always combined with a carrier oil, as it can be too strong by itself.

For many centuries it has been used to relax the nervous system. Apparently, its particular aroma has a positive effect on the transmission of messages to the cerebral limbic system.

A few drops of oil may be enough to obtain many benefits. However, it should not be ingested in large quantities, since in excess it can be toxic. We review in detail some of its main uses so that you have several reasons to include it inside your first aid kit .

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1. Bath for stress

8 uses of incense essential oil that you will like to know

One of the main uses of incense essential oil is the treatment of anxiety and stress. When you add it in a hot water tub it produces a pleasant sensation of tranquility that slows down these emotions.

2. Cleaner for the home

People who prefer organic products to disinfect can find an excellent ally in the incense essential oil. Its antimicrobial properties remove microorganisms from any surface , even better than other conventional products. Its mixture with other oils, or diluted in water, is enough to deodorize and deeply clean the interior spaces of the house.

3. Remedy for indigestion

8 uses of incense essential oil that you will like to know

One of the most recognized medicinal properties of this ingredient is its ability to relieve digestive discomfort. It is anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, which benefits the control of indigestion. For this purpose it can be consumed diluted in water, without exceeding a dose of three drops. It can also be combined with honey to enhance its soothing effects.

4. Natural antiseptic

Many do not imagine that one of the uses of incense essential oil is the disinfection of small wounds . Its properties eliminate the presence of infectious microorganisms and accelerate the recovery process of the skin. In these cases it is necessary to mix it with a carrier oil, such as olive or jojoba, since its direct use can be a bit aggressive for the dermis.

5. Treatment for colds

8 uses of incense essential oil that you will like to know

The aromatic powers of this ingredient can be used in the treatment of colds and other respiratory problems. Its inhalation through vaporizations or massages produces a calming effect on the chest and lungs , so it acts positively against congestion.

The vapors can be obtained by adding the oil in boiling water. If you choose to use massages, just combine a few drops with almond or coconut oil.

6. Anti-inflammatory and soothing

Patients with diseases in the joints and muscles can benefit from multiple forms thanks to this essential oil. Contains active compounds with anti-inflammatory and analgesic action that reduce pain. Its application reactivates circulation and reduces movement difficulties.

In addition to this, it is an effective solution for headaches and backaches. Its use in aromatherapy helps to reduce tensions to calm these discomforts.

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7. Remedy for sleep

8 uses of incense essential oil that you will like to know

The incense essential oil relaxes the nervous system and helps reduce those emotions that affect, in one way or another, the quality of sleep. Its natural assets open the respiratory passages and prevent discomfort such as congestion and snoring. It is perfect to help the body reach an appropriate temperature to sleep.

8. Cosmetic for the skin

Combined with an oil or moisturizing lotion, this essential oil can improve the quality of the Its compounds tone the tissues and prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles .

Thanks to its contributions of fatty acids and antioxidants, it is ideal to heal and minimize the aggressions caused by the sun. These uses of incense essential oil do not produce side effects. Despite this, it should be added that it has thinning effects in the blood. Therefore, its use is not convenient in case of hemorrhagic disease or consumption of anticoagulant drugs.

Ready to take advantage of its properties? Do not stop buying it in herbal or naturist stores. Make sure you choose 100% natural presentations and no fragrances.

8 uses of incense essential oil that you will like to know