Edith Macefield is the name of the 84-year-old woman who did not put a price on her Edith rejected each of the offers they made and not even a million dollars made her change her mind about her property. The contractors in charge of the work had to alter their construction plan located in Seattle, Washington, to build the large shopping center that now surrounds Edith’s house.

Considering that this was a great feat, Edith at 84 years old was seen as a kind of heroine, considering that she did not let herself be bought and, in passing, she made it clear that money does not buy everything in this life. Possibly, if seeing the house makes you familiar, it is because it looks a lot like the one that appears in the animated film of Pixar, UP. It has even been thought that Pixar was inspired by it to make this production.

The story of the 84-year-old woman was made public for the first time in 2006, when Edith refused to move house and rejected all kinds of offers from those in charge of building the mall in the Ballard neighborhood. Being the only property to remain in the place, she had to see how her neighborhood changed drastically and in 2008 she died after reaching her 87th birthday. But the goodness and surprises on Edith’s part did not stop even with her death, when the news came that by inheritance, she left the property to Barry Martin, the head of the construction of the adjacent building, with whom he is sure that he formed a great friendship.

According to many rumors, Barry was in charge of helping Edith after being diagnosed . He took care of her and took her to the hospital until unfortunately the old woman died. Since then, the house has undergone some remodeling, as in its walls and windows.

At the moment some plans are known about the construction of a public square in memory of the integrity and bravery of Edith, in order that its history and its value are known by all the people in the world.

The story of Edith is an example of life, which taught that money can not buy everything when there is a sentimental value involved. While she could live, Edith defended her interests and love for her house, without putting a price on her despite being the only one in refusing to sell. After his death he continued to teach, after making it clear that his economic interests never had anything to do with the decision and that, possibly, all he wanted was to

84-year-old woman despised a million dollars and forced a shopping center to build around her house


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