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9 Amazing foods to fight anemia

Anemia is a disorder caused by the decrease in the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, which is mainly caused by lack of iron or poor absorption of this component. This health disorder is one of the most common in terms of nutrition throughout the world, affecting mainly women and children. As a consequence, minor or serious health problems can be derived, depending on the specific cause of the

Although, in addition to iron deficiency, anemia can be caused by other factors such as lack of folic acid and , hereditary factors of blood cells and even chronic diseases; Experts have found that good nutrition is key to prevention and treatment. Here are the most surprising foods to combat anemia and win the battle to this health problem.


This spectacular green leafy vegetable is characterized by its high content of iron, fiber, vitamin A, B9, C and E, beta-carotene, and a significant source of calcium. All these properties make it one of the best allies to combat anemia, so it is recommended to consume half a cup of spinach per day, to obtain approximately 20% of the iron nutrients. Likewise, other as broccoli, kale, lettuce and watercress are also recommended.

Food of animal origin

Foods of animal origin represent the largest food source of iron, since they also contain iron “heme” that is absorbed up to 30% more than foods of plant origin . It is recommended the consumption of red meats, liver, pâtés, seafood, blue fish, among others.


9 Amazing foods to fight anemia

Two tablespoons of oats can provide up to 4.5 mg of iron content in the body. For this case in particular it is recommended to buy fortified oatmeal , since it has an extra extra of


Peanuts can also help meet daily iron needs , so it is recommended to eat a handful per day. Peanut butter is also recommended, which will have benefits similar to peanut butter. Likewise, other


9 Amazing foods to fight anemia

If you are going through a problem such as anemia, you should make sure that your diet is not lacking a little egg. A single egg can provide up to 1 mg of iron , and therefore, including it frequently will give a generous supply of nutrients to the diet with a small amount of calories. In this case it is recommended to consume the egg accompanied by a glass of orange juice, as this favors the assimilation of

Whole grain bread

According to research, a slice of whole grain bread can provide up to 6% of the body’s daily iron needs . Other whole grain products such as pasta, cereals and rice are also recommended, which are effective for this problem.


9 Amazing foods to fight anemia

Pomegranates have a significant source of iron, which is supplied to the blood. Thanks to its properties, it is very effective in treating anemia. In addition, this food is rich in vitamins, fiber and potassium , which stimulates a healthy blood flow.


Tomatoes are a source rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene, essential nutrients for the treatment of anemia. To absorb their nutrients it is recommended to drink a glass of every day , avoiding drinks such as soda, coffee or energizers, as these can stop the process of assimilation of iron in the body.


9 Amazing foods to fight anemia

Legumes are one of the largest natural sources of iron, which is why they are key to the treatment and prevention of anemia. Beans, lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, among others, provide up to 5 mg of iron in a cup. , so they are highly recommended to treat anemia. It should be clarified that they must be prepared correctly in order to take advantage of all their benefits.

9 Amazing foods to fight anemia