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9 errors that do not allow you to sleep

Are you suffering from insomnia or some difficulty in falling asleep? Do not know to what habits this problem can be attributed?

The good news is that in the following article we will tell you what are the main mistakes that do not allow you to sleep. Surely you are falling into more than one!

Errors that make you sleepy

Sleeping is very important for all mammals, because it serves to recover the body from the efforts made during the day and to cure certain

Therefore, if lately you are having trouble resting the recommended 7 hours for each night, it may be due to one or more of the following errors:

1. Drink coffee after dinner

At the time of dessert we can choose a fruit (the healthiest), a chocolate cake or a coffee. The last two alternatives can be the triggers of insomnia.

This is because they stimulate the brain and block the neurotransmitters that allow sleep.

Do not go with caffeine or refined sugars after dinner, because they can cause you not to “stick an eye” all night or wake up several times in the morning.

2. Lie down on a full stomach

9 errors that do not allow you to sleep

Another error related to food that is worth eradicating. If you barely finish eating you go to bed you will have problems to sleep well.

This gets worse if you are one of the people who sleep on your stomach. The stomach heaviness brings as a consequence nightmares,

It is recommended to wait at least one hour to go to bed after dinner .

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3. Not having fixed hours to sleep

The body needs a routine and follow it to the letter . If one day you go to bed early and the next you go to bed later, the body does not understand what to do.

This confusion also causes changes at the brain level. Therefore you can not

Maintaining a bedtime is essential for the agency because it gives you guidelines on how to act. The same applies to the time you set your alarm clock.

Even if it’s a weekend or holiday try to sleep and get up at the same time .

4. Recover hours of backward sleep

9 errors that do not allow you to sleep

As we do not sleep much during the week, we take advantage of Sunday not to get out of bed. This is a very frequent mistake!

Although we believe that it is good for the body, it is the opposite since, as happens when changing the bedtime. Trying to recover lost us and demands more and more rest.

For this reason it does not matter how much you sleep all weekend … On Monday you will feel very tired and without energy.

5. Watching television or using the mobile

The use of technological devices in the moments before going to bed, and even when we are in bed, delays the production of the regulatory hormone of sleep cycles .

This happens because the brain is alert and receives all kinds of stimuli. And he thinks he should stay awake!

It is discouraged to watch the news or action movies, stay with the tablet or mobile until the last moment before closing your eyes or falling asleep with the television on.

Do not forget that the mind needs a breath of so much bright screen.

6. Not having a mattress or adequate clothing

9 errors that do not allow you to sleep

How long have you not changed the pillows or the mattress? It needs to be changed every three years at least, to avoid injury to the

In turn, the bedding and the one you are wearing must fit the time of year and be comfortable . No tight pajamas, too many blankets or socks that tighten at the ankles.

The better you feel, the faster you can fall asleep and the less likely you will be to wake up in the middle of the night.

7. Leave the light on

The mind needs to be completely dark to receive the signal that it is time to sleep. In the case of leaving a light or the may not be able to sleep or your rest is deficient .

Try that the room does not even receive clarity.

8. Sleep with someone (includes pets)

9 errors that do not allow you to sleep

Sharing the bed can be very nice, but it also has its negative consequences when resting. If you sleep with your partner, with your dog, with your children or with your cat you will have a lower sleep quality than if you do it alone.

This is because during the night you will have to adapt to the movements, sounds and temperatures of the other beings that surround you. If you have a lot of trouble sleeping, consider moving to a room or going to the couch.

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9. Maintain extreme temperatures

In summer you turn on the air conditioning to such an extent that if you do not cover yourself with a blanket your

Both ends are terrible for our rest. The best thing is that the room stays at a comfortable and average temperature (for example, 20 ° C).

9 errors that do not allow you to sleep