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9 Habits that will make you live longer

There are that reduce life expectancy and greatly influence the development of different diseases. The good news is that there are also healthy habits that promote health, help you live longer and above all, having a good quality of life.

Taking into account that we only have one life and one body, it is important to think that we must take care of our health and try to maintain a good lifestyle that guarantees us to live well for many years. If you still do not know the good habits that will make you live for longer, we invite you to continue reading this article so that you know them and start applying them in your day to day.

Do not overeat

Experts recommend eating small portions of food distributed in several meals a day. The recommended is to eat little in 5 or 6 servings a day. Avoid excessive meals is key to enjoy good health and of course, a good weight. Whenever you serve your meals try to serve a sufficient portion to be satisfied until it is time to eat again.

Have more sex

9 Habits that will make you live longer

Having an active sex life is key to enjoy good health and live longer. help increase self-esteem, release positive hormones, burn a large number of calories, lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, improve sleep and protect heart health. Experts recommend having sex at least 3 times a week.

Do not expose yourself too much to the sun

Excess exposure to sunlight increases premature aging of the skin, at the same time it can cause burns, irritations and even skin cancer. , it is very important to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, as it is a factor that lowers our quality of life. It is recommended to always apply a sunscreen, both on the face and the rest of the body.

Have more social life

9 Habits that will make you live longer

Different studies have determined that those people who are always surrounded by friends and relatives have less risk of suffering . Loneliness is a factor that can cause depression, anxiety, stress, high cholesterol, among others. Getting out of the routine with family and friends is very good for our health and helps us to be happier.

Drink a glass of wine a day

Although alcohol consumption is not recommended for health; Experts have found that drinking a glass of day is beneficial , as it helps prevent heart attacks and even diabetes.

Eat fruit and vegetables

9 Habits that will make you live longer

The consumption of fruits and vegetables is vital to enjoy good health and live longer with an excellent quality of life. Both fruits and vegetables have vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many other properties that help control weight, prevent and treat many diseases, detoxify the body, maintain a healthy and youthful skin, among others.


To enjoy good health and keep physically well, exercise is the best ally we can have and of course, the most recommended by experts. According to the studies, practicing a sport can increase up to 4 years of life, at the same time it favors the health of the heart, lungs and even our mood. It is recommended to practice some sport and / or

No Smoking

9 Habits that will make you live longer

Smoking is one of the worst habits a person can have, not only because it reduces their life expectancy, but also because it damages the quality of life of those who consume it. This habit is one of the biggest killers in the world, since its consumption causes lung cancer and other respiratory diseases . can be difficult but not impossible, the benefits begin to be noticed from the first day and as time passes the body begins to recover its health.

Reduce stress

To a greater or lesser extent, we are all exposed to suffering from stress in many situations of our daily life. Although most people find stress normal, experts have called attention to be more alert with this problem. According to research, stress harms our mental, emotional and physical health. The recommended is to combat stress and try to maintain a positive attitude regardless of the situations that have to face. Although for many it seems something very difficult, there are many ways to .

9 Habits that will make you live longer