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9 herbs and spices to cleanse the blood

Have you ever thought about how important it is to cleanse the blood? The

  • Respiratory: transports oxygen and collects the carbon dioxide generated in the combustion, eliminating it through the lungs.
  • Immune: protects the body with white blood cells and plasma antibodies.
  • Excretoras: it collects waste and waste and removes it.
  • Conveyors: of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and hormones, etc.
  • Regulatory: keeps water and ions in the body in balance as well as body temperature.

Thanks to all its virtues and functions it is very important that we help our body to keep blood clean. The accumulation of toxins can be due to:

  • The little physical activity.
  • Food rich in products of animal origin.
  • The lack of healthy food.

Bad habits can translate into problems like heart attacks or cancer. especias para limpiar la sangre de forma natural y sencilla. Here is a list of herbs and spices to clean the blood naturally and easily.

List of spices to cleanse the blood

1. Garlic

The first of the spices to cleanse the blood is garlic. ya que disminuye el colesterol malo (LDL) que se encuentra en la sangre. This prevents hypertension and poor since it lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) that is found in the blood.

9 herbs and spices to cleanse the blood

It protects the arteries, especially the aorta, the coronary arteries and the cerebral arteries, allowing the flow rich in nutrients. es rico en compuestos sulfúricos ( alicina ), indispensables para eliminar las toxinas que se encuentran en la sangre y ayudar a tu intestino a deshacerse de los microorganismos dañinos. It is also rich in sulfur compounds ( allicin ), essential to eliminate toxins that are in the blood and help your intestine to get rid of harmful microorganisms.

To increase your consumption, chew two cloves of garlic in the morning or include it in your diet.

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2. Dandelion

diente de león tiene una gran cantidad de antioxidantes y múltiples nutrientes que limpian el tracto digestivo de toxinas. Dandelion has a lot of antioxidants and multiple nutrients that cleanse the digestive tract of toxins. enfermedades hepáticas y elimina las toxinas de la sangre. It also helps in the treatment of liver diseases and eliminates toxins from the blood. This plant grows naturally on the edge of fields and gardens and is characterized by its jagged leaves and yellow flower.

The easiest way to consume it in is an infusion in which its leaves are boiled and drunk like any other tea. This infusion can also be taken as a substitute for caffeine. We can consume up to 3 cups a day.

3. Turmeric

This plant comes from India and has been well known and used for centuries. Although it is usually used to add flavor to your dishes, it is also advisable to know its medicinal properties.

Among its many benefits we find its power to prevent cell damage and its anti-inflammatory function , improving the symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases. It is also used for its power to prevent the formation of atheromas .

4. Basil

The basil helps the liver and the kidneys to eliminate the accumulated toxins in the body. This keeps the digestive problems and infections at bay. funciona como diurético para eliminar todas las toxinas que albergamos en el torrente sanguíneo . It also works as a diuretic to eliminate all the toxins we harbor in the bloodstream .

5. Cilantro

Cilantro is one of the herbs that helps cleanse the blood. It is able to neutralize the heavy metals found in the blood, such as mercury. The excess of mercury in the body is more common than you might think, since you can find it in articles ranging from metallic dental fillings to the excessive consumption of certain species of fish.

9 herbs and spices to cleanse the blood

6. Milk thistle

Milk thistle seeds are used in the world of medicine for their flavonoids . These help repair damaged cells and protect new cells. In addition, it favors the production of enzymes vital for the conversion of toxins in their normal form to a soluble form to facilitate their elimination.

7. Nettle

The leaves of the nettles are good for cleaning the blood thanks to its active compounds, such as histamine or formic acid. tiene la capacidad de detener las hemorragias y es adecuada para combatir la metrorragia. Nettle is hemostatic, which means that it has the ability to stop bleeding and is adequate to combat metrorrhagia.

Nettle also helps control hemophilia, dysmenorrhea, hemoptysis, and disorders caused by menopause. To combat these problems, drink a spoonful of fresh nettle juice. If you have a nosebleed, soak a cotton ball with that juice and put it in your nose.

8. Nim

The antioxidant assets of nim ( Azadirachta indica) neutralize toxins and free radicals , somehow filtering the blood. To get these effects, drink neem tea once a day. You can add honey if you feel it too bitter.

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9. Cuscuta

The couscuta is a parasitic vine that has a high level of It contains a powerful detoxifier that helps eliminate excess toxins, facilitating liver function. This plant is also very effective in cleaning the blood and helps keep skin healthy.

9 herbs and spices to cleanse the blood