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9 motivating phrases for our children

Telling the children phrases that motivate, is a tool that should be applied to increase self-esteem . Regardless of their age, telling them beautiful expressions is important because they will help the success of the goals that are proposed in life.

When children are asked to perform an action, we must be sure that they understood the instructions they should perform and what they can do. What follows will be to use phrases that motivate to reinforce the child’s self-confidence and that he does not feel that he is being pressured.


It is the reason or the reason that leads people to the realization or omission of an action and obtain satisfaction. It is a psychological component that guides, maintains and determines the behavior of human beings.

Intrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation is when the person performs activities by internal stimuli to satisfy a need of their own. In the case of children, when they are ready to make a drawing and want it to look nice, they will look for all the resources to do it well.

9 motivating phrases for our children

In the event that any difficulty arises, only if necessary will they request assistance from an adult to achieve their goal. In this way the child will achieve self-satisfaction.

Extrinsic motivation

The extrinsic motivation is when the person performs activities to satisfy a need of their own motivated by external stimuli . Continuing with the case of children, when an adult asks them to make a drawing they will want it to look nice and, in the same way, they will look for all the resources to do it well.

In carrying out this activity, the incentive that motivated the children is external. Thus they achieve personal satisfaction and the acceptance or approval of a third party.

Taking into account the importance of motivation is necessary to use motivating phrases to encourage your child to perform certain activities successfully.

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Motivating phrases for our children

Here you will find some motivating phrases, which you can use with your children to increase their self-esteem.

1. “I’m proud of you”

Whether they are big or small, they will always be our children. Although its achievement is the simplest or most transcendental, the most important thing is that the children should know how proud we are of their success.

2. “Keep practicing and you will achieve it”

This phrase is ideal to be used when it comes to moments of competition. Remind them that they should continue trying as many times as necessary, they will surely achieve the goal set. In addition, you must reaffirm that perseverance and dedication are the keys to success.

9 motivating phrases for our children

3. “Keep it up”

It is a phrase that, like the previous one, is related to the moments of competition or obstacles that will face during life. Telling him these two simple words helps him to have confidence in himself . You will also show him that he is doing well .

4. “Now or never”

There are times when children must make decisions that reflect fundamental changes in their lives. Telling him this phrase means that regardless of the results you will support him.

5. “Try again”

In order for the child to repeat the activity that did not work out correctly, the parents, with their wisdom, should invite their child to repeat it.

You can also compare the results of how you did it before and how you do it now. This will help him to see that in each repetition he is improving and with practice he will reach perfection .

6. “What do you think? What do you think?”

These questions help to promote effective communication. It is very important for parents to let our children know that their opinion also counts. When children participate in decision-making, they will most likely become safe adults.

It is essential that the united family discuss the projects together and that the children participate. For example, when you are going to buy some object for the home, go on a trip, etc.

7. ” All your questions are important”

This phrase also helps to encourage good communication. However, these words are little used by parents. All the questions that the children ask are of great importance.

9 motivating phrases for our children

In this way they clear all the doubts they have about what is around them. And thus become more secure to be able to function in their environment. You must also take into account that you must always answer with the truth.

8. “Thanks for your help.”

This is one of the motivating phrases that greatly influences the lives of children. It will help motivate and encourage your collaboration with other people. It will teach you to be grateful when you help and also teach you how to work as a team.

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9. “You can”

The most important thing is to repeat and highlight to your children that there are no limits in life. Since in our society tends to reinforce the contrary behavior with phrases like: “you can not or can not do that.”

This can result in your child saying: “I can not do it”, without having tried. In case you resort to these phrases you should explain why you should not do it.

Finally, using motivating phrases will help parents so their children can empower themselves. Therefore, they will be committed adults and will be able to achieve what they propose, without being affected by the traumas of childhood.

9 motivating phrases for our children