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9 natural muscle relaxants

Currently, a sedentary lifestyle is very common. Added to this, stress and daily obligations promote an unhealthy lifestyle capable of generating various annoyances. Therefore, we present you the 9 natural muscle relaxants that can help you to combat these annoyances of the day to day.

The purpose of natural medicine is to avoid resorting to drugs in an excessive and constant way. And while the remedies can help supplement a treatment prescribed by the doctor or, help alleviate minor discomfort, they should not be used as a substitute.

Causes of muscle pain

Muscle pains can be caused by maintaining a bad posture or staying in the same position for too long. They can also by loading some heavy object in the wrong way. Hence the importance of good .

On the other hand, muscle pain can be a symptom of a psychosomatic illness , such as stress and anxiety. Obviously, an injury (such as a sprain or a contracture) can also be a cause of muscle pain.

9 natural muscle relaxants

Methods to combat muscle pain

Fortunately, you can use both these methods and natural remedies to treat muscle pain. Collectively, all methods can help to achieve relief. The key is to be consistent and take care of all life habits , this includes rest and food.

Keep in mind that it is necessary to take a balanced diet to maintain good health, including muscles. For this, it is recommended to consume, daily: 1500 mg of calcium, 1500 mg of magnesium, 99 mg of potassium and 3000 mg of vitamin C.

Natural muscle relaxants

1. Romero

Rosemary is a plant widely used in gastronomy as well as in perfumery and medicine. Its aroma is very pleasant and has properties capable of relieving respiratory, digestive and muscular ailments.

With regard to the treatment of muscle pain, this plant acts as an antispasmodic, which helps to alleviate the area considerably.

You can take advantage of its essential oil to promote relaxation of muscles and joints. Likewise, it is ideal to relieve the cramps produced by menstruation and other spasms. An immersion bath is also a good way to take advantage of the properties of this plant.

2. Valeriana

Since valerian has a calming, sedative and anti-inflammatory effect, it can be used to relieve muscle pain as well as controlling anxiety , certain sleep disorders (such as insomnia), among other discomforts.

How does it act exactly? Well, the active principles of valerian (valepotriatos, amino acids and flavonoids) increase the brain concentration of GABA (gamma aminoburítico acid), a substance that relaxes both the central nervous system and the vegetative.

In general, the properties of valerian are usually taken advantage of by the consumption of its infusion , but wet compresses and tonics can also be applied directly on the affected area.

9 natural muscle relaxants

3. Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most used plants as an infusion throughout the world. Its antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect are well known, especially when it comes to treating digestive discomfort, menstruation and nerves.

However, you can also resort to its infusion or its various atopic products to relieve muscle pain. For example, a cream containing chamomile in high concentrations can help reduce tension in the area.

4. Catnip

The catnip a plant of the mint family that is used as a natural sedative and, at the same time, as a muscle relaxant. It also helps reduce swelling in the joints, relieve tension headaches, heal soft tissue injuries, among other properties.

5. Cayenne pepper

It is widely used in households for recipes and has proven to be more than effective to alleviate and treat effectively and quickly the pain caused by muscle cramps .

6. Radish

In view of the fact that radish has a certain diuretic effect, its consumption is beneficial when it comes to reducing the inflammation that occurs with muscle aches and cramps.

7. Serpol

Serpol is a plant similar to thyme, whose properties help to relax muscles naturally. It can be used as an infusion or, its essential oil.

9 natural muscle relaxants

8. Passionflower

The petals of this plant contain phytosterols and flavonoids, both with antioxidant effects. At the same time, it has alkaloids and other compounds that provide a relaxing and analgesic effect. It is used to treat cases of insomnia , muscle contracture, stress, anxiety, nervousness, and so on.

9. Lavender

Like chamomile and valerian, a plant with a powerful sedative effect that helps relax muscle tension. It is also rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants.

The great advantage of natural remedies is that, usually, they do not usually cause side effects. Now, in order for them to have the desired effect, it is necessary to be constant in their application and, above all, patients, since their action is usually not immediate.

9 natural muscle relaxants