Are you looking for a painless change in your eating habits? We know that working in our health is necessary but it is not always easy. One of the big problems is that we have “temptations” at hand .

Luckily, there are some tricks that will make the path more bearable. Take note and put them into practice.

1. Measure portions

The first trick to achieve a painless change in your eating habits is to know how much and when you eat. If you do not control that, it will be very difficult to know if you are eating too many calories or carbohydrates.

You will see that, in a short time, you eat better and reach your ideal weight with the minimum effort.

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2. Have ready frozen vegetables ready to use

9 tricks to achieve a painless change in your eating habits

Another advice to achieve a painless change in your eating habits is to have at hand what we need.

The basic ingredient of a healthy diet should be the vegetables because they provide fiber and nutrients with the minimum of calories and carbohydrates.

This will make it easier for you to choose what to eat throughout the week and you will know that vegetables have not spent months in freezers.

3. Write what you eat

resulta un ejercicio interesante apuntar todo lo que comes . To achieve a painless change in your eating habits, it is an interesting exercise to record everything you eat . Keeping this diary will help you:

  • Reduce the number of times you eat, it will give you something lazy to get the application chosen or the notebook to write down.
  • Later you will be able to identify which are the moments of the day when it is more difficult for you to make good food choices .

4. Evaluate your eating habits

9 tricks to achieve a painless change in your eating habits

After a month of writing down everything you have eaten it is necessary that you feel to evaluate the results:

  • How many vegetables do you eat each day?
  • Do you include more natural foods than processed ones?
  • What foods do you almost never eat? Who are they always?

With all this information you can create strategies to make a painless change in your eating habits. If you do not have much idea of ​​the nutrients you require and the properties of them, go with a nutritionist.

He will help you identify the errors and create a plan well adapted to your needs and tastes depending on what you see.

5. Be the first to ask when you eat out

One of the big problems when we look for a painless change in your eating habits are going out with friends and family. It is common that when passing the minutes and listening to what others ask, you will crave those foods.

  • To make your choice easier, start by choosing the dishes.
  • It is advisable that you first ask for something that contains healthy vegetables and .

6. Do not completely discard everything you like

9 tricks to achieve a painless change in your eating habits

Do you usually think that eating a healthy diet necessarily involves leaving fast food or chocolates, for example? lograr un cambio indoloro en tus hábitos alimentarios implica incluir pequeñas porciones de esos productos . In that case, remember that achieving a painless change in your eating habits involves including small portions of those products .

  • If you now eat junk food daily, start preparing your food Monday through Friday.
  • Leave the weekends to eat something less nutritious, but without exceeding.

7. Create a plan for difficult situations

You can be the person with the most desire to eat healthy but, if you do not know how to act when it is not entirely possible, you can sabotage yourself. An example is when you go to an event and do not have control of the menu.

debes tener un plan, pues siempre te enfrentarás a estos momentos . Ideally, you should have a plan, because you will always face these moments . Some ideas are:

  • If all foods are unhealthy and there are no healthy options, drink a glass of plain water before eating.
  • . If you have the possibility, eat protein and vegetables first rather than .
  • Eat small portions and spend more time chewing food .
  • Take small portions of seeds and nuts with you. If you can not find vegetables or water available, eat one of these portions before the rest of the food.

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8. Schedule regular eating times … and follow them

9 tricks to achieve a painless change in your eating habits

Another trick for painless change in your eating habits is to create a specific routine for your intakes. In case your routine is very complex and you do not have time to sit down to eat for 30 minutes or an hour, set several times a day.

. We usually hear that the ideal is to have three strong meals and two . hacer tantas comidas pequeñas como necesites . However, you could modify this to make as many small meals as you need .

Just remember to watch portions and food quality. If you have doubts, talk to your nutritionist.

9. Hydrate

Do you take enough water? muchas veces sed con hambre . The reality is that not all consume the recommended amount of water and often thirst with hunger .

Therefore, another painless change in your eating habits is to drink a glass of water every time you feel hungry.

If after that, the feeling of hunger remains, then eat a healthy snack or a serving of vegetables if you are out of hours.

9 tricks to achieve a painless change in your eating habits


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