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9 tricks to avoid bad smells in your room

There are certain areas in the house, such as rooms or kitchen, in which bad odors accumulate.

If you notice that in your home this is happening in your room or in any other area, take good note of these tricks that will allow you to avoid bad smells .

They are comfortable, cheap and simple. You will notice the difference … and you will appreciate it!

1. Make sure to ventilate the house well

9 tricks to avoid bad smells in your room

Although it may seem obvious, if we ventilate the room well we will get the air renewed and we will be able to eliminate the possible odors caused by the charged air.

The smell can come from an air that does not circulate correctly, so nothing like opening the windows well for a while.

2. Clean light bulbs

9 tricks to avoid bad smells in your room

This advice is especially important for homes with smokers . And it is that the smoke from tobacco will not only leave a persistent smell, but will form an invisible layer on the electric bulbs.

This will make every time you turn on the light and the bulb gets hot, the aroma will return. Therefore, nothing like cleaning the bulb with a cloth periodically to avoid this problem.

3. Bet on fluorescent light

Make light bulbs and the elements that can be found in a room your perfect allies in order to make your room always smell impeccably .

To do this, opt for fluorescent light. And there are tubes in this type of lighting that have a layer of titanium dioxide capable of absorbing odors when the light is turned on .

Of course, they are special bulbs so you’ll have to look for them specifically.

4. Watch your carpets

9 tricks to avoid bad smells in your room

In many occasions the bad smell in a room can come from textiles in general, and from carpets in particular.

To eliminate the bad smell you will have to vacuum first and then use a product that allows a dry cleaning of the textile in question.

A good (and economical) option is baking soda.

5. With lemon

Lemon has a multitude of properties, but also functions. Help yourself to eliminate the possible smells of fish or vegetables that have permeated the house during cooking or if you simply want to aromatize your room.

  • For this you will have to cut three lemons and boil them with enough water.
  • Let them cook for 30 minutes over low heat, until you notice that they begin to give off a citrus aroma. A very effective home remedy .

6. Clean the upholstery

9 tricks to avoid bad smells in your room

Cleaning the upholstery of your sofas and seats is essential . Make sure that the product you use is compatible with the type of fabric that your furniture has and looks for a fragrant one.

Before starting to apply the product it will be better to vacuum to achieve a really effective cleaning.

In the case of leather upholstery, the most effective way to avoid odors is to clean it with leather soap and oil-based soap.

7. With aromatic spray

Opting for a solution based on an aromatic spray is another of the tricks that will make your room smell unbeatable and say goodbye to bad odors.

For this, nothing like mixing a few drops of lavender oil and placing it in a bottle with dispenser, so that you can spray the solution around the room and eliminate the bad odors that accumulate.

8. With potpourri

9 tricks to avoid bad smells in your room

Another way to make the room smell good is with floral potpourri, something you can do yourself.

Take a cloth bag and mix fresh herbs with flower leaves. The result will be a bag that will give off an incredible aroma and that you can place in any part of the room to avoid odors.

9. Vinegar will absorb bad odors

To get rid of you can leave a glass of white vinegar in the room.

This way you will get that, after a few hours, the room smells better, since it will have absorbed the unpleasant odors .

This is also applicable when it comes to washing more difficult areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

Just put a cup of vinegar and water and leave it to rest and then remove or rinse. You will notice the difference.

9 tricks to avoid bad smells in your room