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9 uses of chickpea flour, healthy, nutritious and gluten-free

Many people do not know the chickpea flour, which has all the culinary advantages of flour and the nutritional values ​​of the chickpea .

This legume hides many health benefits and, when eaten in flour, we facilitate its digestion and assimilation.

Discover in this article 9 uses of the chickpea flour to cook it in all possible ways and, even, take advantage of it as an exfoliant for the skin.

1. To batter

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9 uses of chickpea flour, healthy, nutritious and gluten-free

Chickpea flour is an excellent alternative to wheat flour when it comes to coating meat, fish or vegetables.

  • This flour gives juiciness and good consistency to food, and even enhances the flavor without the chickpea being noticed.
  • If we want to batter with gluten-free flours, we can also use or mashed potatoes.

2. Thickener

Thanks to its starch content, this flour is a good thickener for all kinds of stews, at the same time that it enriches the recipe with the nutrients of the chickpea.

3. Chickpea flour crepes

Do you want to prepare simple, delicious and nutritious salty crepes without flour and without eggs?

The chickpea flour will give them the ideal consistency, since it can be used without adding eggs .

  • It will be enough to mix the flour with water until a liquid texture is obtained, in a ratio of one part of flour to two and a half of water.
  • We can add salt and some spices.

In India they are made since ancient times and they are cooked very thin and crispy.

4. Bread without gluten

Gluten-free bread is not only a food for people with celiac disease, it is also a good option for those who want a more digestive bread or want to vary the recipe with different cereals.

can be made with the combination of rice flour, cornmeal and cassava starch, adding chickpea flour to give the characteristic flavor of artisanal bread.

5. Falafel

9 uses of chickpea flour, healthy, nutritious and gluten-free

  • Although it is usually prepared with cooked chickpeas , the chickpea flour allows us to make a recipe quicker and simpler , and also delicious.

6. Cream of vegetables

Vegetable creams are very healthy recipes, because they provide us with many nutrients and few calories.

They are satisfying and comforting, both on cold days and on hot days, and are very suitable as a first course in lunch and dinner.

  • If we always add a little chickpea to the cream, we will enrich the soups, thicken them and give them a delicious touch of intense flavor.

7. Crunchy pancakes

Following the same recipe of the crepes, we can make another type of thinner and crunchy dough if instead of passing it through the pan we bake it or we roast it .

In this way we will obtain a crispy pancakes with which to accompany appetizers, creams and sauces.

  • These pancakes are excellent to satisfy the appetite and prevent us from eating flours at all hours.

8. Chocolate and chickpea sponge cake

9 uses of chickpea flour, healthy, nutritious and gluten-free

In this share a sponge cake recipe that, although it seems surprising, is made with cooked chickpeas or chickpea flour.

  • The taste is hidden thanks to the chocolate , so that the result is a kind of brownie that no one will guess the main ingredient.
  • This cake is a trick for all those who want their children to eat more legumes. They will do it without realizing it and they will feel full of energy all day!


9. Facial scrub

Chickpea flour is not only a fabulous ingredient in the kitchen. We will also be surprised to know that it is a natural facial very suitable for all skin types .

  • We just have to add a little water to create a paste with which we can massage the face for a minute.
  • After that time, we will wash our face with water and hydrate our skin.
  • We can do this exfoliation once or twice a week.

And it is that this scrub is soft but deep, and cleans the skin of impurities while nourishes and gives luminosity.

9 uses of chickpea flour, healthy, nutritious and gluten-free